You will be surprised at the monthly cost of working from home in Hungary!

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused one of the most significant shifts in our working lives that the world has ever seen: millions of people have left the office to work from home (WFH). For some, working from home was already part of their regular work routine. For many, it’s a whole new way of doing things.

Relatively expensive Hungary

So what impact has working from home had on our back pockets? How much do we spend to use our own broadband, keep our lights and heating on, and brew those extra cups of coffee throughout the day? has analyzed how some of these costs could add up throughout a month around the world. You can find their results on their website.

According to their survey, the most expensive countries to work from home are Denmark ($287/month), Germany ($284) and the Republic of Ireland ($246). At the other end of the list are Turkey ($41), Argentina ($48), and Bangladesh ($57). Compare Market analyzed the following factors:

  • Average monthly cost of a Fixed Broadband plan
  • Average price of 1 GB of mobile data Cost of electricity per kWh
  • Cost of using a laptop (8 hours 0.05 kWh)
  • Monthly cost of using a laptop
  • Cost of using a bulb (8 hours 0.06 kWh)
  • Monthly lighting cost
  • Cost of using a boiler (4 hours 24 kWh)
  • Monthly heating cost
  • Cost of using a kettle (10 min 3 kWh)
  • Monthly cost to use a kettle
  • Monthly cost of using air conditioning

They found that Hungary ranked 7th on the list with a relatively high amount, USD 199 per month.

About the methodology


The average monthly cost of a fixed broadband plan according to’s global comparison.

Mobile data

The average cost of 1GB of data according to’s global mobile data pricing.

Utility costs

They estimated energy costs by multiplying the estimated kilowatts per hour (kWh) of each activity by the average cost per kWh of electricity in each country (from the World Bank) to establish the estimated cost for one hour of use. Then they used that figure to calculate the cost over one workday (eight hours) and one month (20 working days).

For countries where the capital has an average annual temperature above 12˚C, we looked at air conditioning costs, while for those below 12˚C, we looked at heating costs. For these two factors, we calculated the estimated cost for six months of use and then averaged it over twelve months.

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Source: Press release/Compare the market

Maria D. Ervin