WV ranked 42nd worst state for remote work

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — A recent study by WalletHub determined that West Virginia is the 42nd worst place to work from home in the country.

At the start of 2022, about 20% of all professional jobs in the country were remote. Despite this, not everyone’s working from home conditions have been so good. They often have to deal with cost, comfort and security.

To determine their ranking, WalletHub assessed two key dimensions, “Working Environment” and “Living Environment”. Between these dimensions were 12 weighted metrics. Each metric was scored on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 being the best.

Then, the weighted average of all metrics for each state was used to calculate its overall score.

West Virginia was ranked 35th for work environment and 37th for living environment, giving an overall score of 49.43, 17.32 points below No. 1-ranked New Jersey.

Best states for remote work

General classification State Total score Working environment living environment
1 New Jersey 66.75 5 11
42 West Virginia 49.43 35 37
51 Alaska 34.74 50 49
Note: With the exception of “Total Score”, all columns in the table above describe the relative ranking of this state, where a ranking of 1 represents the best conditions for this metric category.

Work environment – Total points: 60

  • Share of workers working from home: triple weighting (~22.50 points)
  • Share of potential teleworkers: double weighting (~15.00 points)
    Note: Considered as potential teleworkers are those who exercise professions classified as conducive to teleworking: executives, administrative staff, executives; occupational specialty; technicians and related; Sales; and administrative support.
  • Household Internet access: double weighting (~15.00 points)
    Note: This composite measure measures both the share of households with a broadband subscription and the share of households with access to broadband speeds above 25 Mbps.
  • Cybersecurity: full weighting (~7.50 points)
    Note: This composite metric measures the number of Internet crime victims per capita, the average amount lost as a result of Internet crime, and the Cyber ​​Security Risk Index.

Living environment – ​​Total points: 40

  • Average retail price of electricity: total weight (~4.21 points)
  • Access to the low-cost Internet plan: total weight (~4.21 points)
    Note: This metric refers to low-cost broadband plans and is a composite metric that includes:
  • Internet cost: double weighted (~8.42 points)
    Note: This metric refers to price per MBPS and is a composite metric that includes:
  • Median square footage by average number of people in a household: double-weighted (~8.42 points)
  • Share of isolated housing units: total weighting (~4.21 points)
  • Average House Size: Total Weight (~4.21 points)
  • Share of homes for sale with land over 1,000 square feet: half weight (~2.11 points)
  • Share of houses for sale with swimming pool: total weighting (~4.21 points)

West Virginia was also ranked 47th in “share of population working from home (pre-COVID),” ranked 5th in “share of potential teleworkers,” and 48th in “household internet access.”

Maria D. Ervin