Would a Star Wars horror movie work?

The question of whether there will ever be a Star Wars horror movie is naturally followed by the question of whether it would work. Here’s what we think.


the star wars The franchise is a long-running series with a slew of movies, TV shows, and video games. the star wars fandom has reached new heights thanks to Disney and the creation of Galaxy’s Edge in their theme park. As such, there’s also been a surge in new content since the not-so-spectacular release of the Sequel Trilogy, including plans for a new film trilogy set after The Rise of Skywalker. Very popular The Mandalorian and The bad lot at the recent conclusion Boba Fett’s BookDisney just seems to be throwing a punch star wars One TV series after another.

With this level of content creation, fans are naturally hungry for more. Of course, the franchise has a slate of Disney+ projects in the works, including the Obi Wan Kenobi series (expected in May) and the Ahsoka series. In the middle of star warsever-expanding catalog, there has been much speculation regarding the possibility of a star wars horror movie, especially with horror visionary Mike Flanagan. Although this idea may seem laughable at first glance, it is actually not bad. While star wars seems perpetually stuck in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, it’s entirely possible for an SFF/horror intersection. The question remains, however: can a star wars horror movie work?


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Where sci-fi and horror intersect

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In movies, there’s usually a lot of overlap between genres, which often results in the creation of their own subgenres, like romantic comedies. Science fiction and horror are two genres that often unintentionally end up together. A perfect example of sci-fi/horror would be the Extraterrestrial franchise: It takes the concept of hostile aliens to the next level when it is revealed that the Xenomorphs are using humans as a biological incubator for the Xenomorph to live on, bursting sadly through their hosts’ chests.

Sci-fi and horror can go hand-in-hand because the many staples of science fiction, like extraterrestrial life forms and the exploration of uncharted planets, often involve delving into the unknown – the most important thing. scariest of all. star wars is not known for its attraction to the horrifying and, especially since the takeover of Lucasfilms from Disney, is aimed more and more at children. That said, with the amount of ruthless violence seen in The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s Booknot to mention the menacing presence Darth Vader has posed throughout the franchise, there’s hope that star wars may want to head towards horror.

Star Wars has already plunged into horror

While not star wars movie or series has never been dedicated solely to the spooky and terrifying aspects of its universe, there are certainly many stories that star wars follow-up that could be called potential horror. From the dead Nightsisters necromancer as seen in the video game Fallen order to the horrible creation of Darth Vader in Revenge of the Sith in which we see Anakin being mauled by Obi-Wan and burned by fire to the point where he is no longer physically recognizable as Anakin and therefore dependent on his costume to keep him alive. These are just a few examples of the dark side of star wars which we rarely talk about. Since Disney took over Lucasfilms, much of what was once canon has been redacted and is now referred to as “legends.” For example, it was canon that Ben Solo AKA Kylo Ren had a sister, but now that’s just legend. That said, there’s still plenty of content to shoot that could qualify as horror.

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Will there ever be a Star Wars horror movie?

For the moment, we are not talking about a star wars horror movie ever in play. However, that doesn’t mean fans aren’t appealing. Mike Flanagan, creator of Doctor Sleep and Midnight Mass recently tweeted “I would really like to do a horror movie in the STAR WARS universe…”. It sparked interest from fans and filmmakers alike, leaving us all wondering what a star wars horror movie would look like. With a cinematic universe as vast as star warsthe storyline possibilities are endless, but to pull off a strong horror film would indeed be a great feat and who better to conquer the act than the man whose idea it was, Mike Flanagan – a creative filmmaker who s made a name in the horror genre through works like Oculus and Gerald’s game, all of which he directed, wrote and edited. With Flanagan at the helm and help from the geniuses behind star warsa star wars horror movie would surely be a hit.

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