Working in Canada: Looking for Mexican Truckers

dry grass work in canada For mexican truckers In a fish processing company. Heavy truckers wanted to travel shorter distances during the 2023 fishing season.

salary it is 70 thousand pesos a month. Period Contract 6 months and may vary depending on the actual duration fishing season, Business hours This happens from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. on certain days.

the company provides health insurance, short-term disability, medicine and life. It will also provide transportation to and from Mexico. In addition, he will charge a weekly rent of 850 pesos for their stay.

Tasks and Activities of Mexican Truck Drivers

among Activities what will they do mexican truckers It’s like that :

  • Drive trucks over short distances to transport marine products. it is important that mexican truckers past driver’s license which allows the management of:
  • A truck with two axles and a net mass of 4,550 kg or more.
  • A truck with three or more axles.

Also they will drive Next trailers,

  • Trailer or semi-trailer with a net mass of less than 2,000 kg.
  • A semi-trailer or trailer used to transport material, equipment or furniture with a net mass of at least 2,000 kg and at least 4,000,500 kg.
  • to help remove the fish boats and load it on the trailer.
  • tar and guarantee Security Of charge,
  • complete it daily newspaper,
  • Control State Of trucks Before, during and after the transfer.

Requirements for Mexican truckers to work in Canada

  • Saber case You For writing,
  • Live A year or two as a short-haul heavy truck driver.
  • have the knowledge and the tools truck driving With trailer or semi-trailer.
  • work in a team and to be active
  • availability for For traveling,

Documents required for Mexican truckers

loss documents What is requested is:

  • Curricular life update.
  • Passport valid or close to renewal date.
  • Letters proving recent professional experience in the positions concerned for a maximum period of two years.
  • proof of address.
  • ine.
  • Karp

you have until August 7 To apply for this position. To apply for this position, click here.

Maria D. Ervin