Work visa rules for international students in Canada despite visa delays.

Canada eases work visa rules for international students due to visa delays

Strong points

  • Students who have registered for studies online or who have already submitted a study permit application before August 31 can continue their studies without affecting their eligibility for the Post-Graduate Worker Program (PGWP).
  • Study time completed online after September 1 will be subtracted from the PGWP duration, regardless of the day the student begins study.

Visa delays for international students

International students who choose to study online, or international students who have already applied for a study permit application before August 31, are allowed to proceed without even affecting PGWP eligibility.

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Study time that was completed online from September 1 will be reduced by the length of their Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), regardless of when the student began their studies.

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has already begun a transition period allowing international students to continue their studies online, while offering a PGWP as the new academic year is about to begin.

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By consulting the various actors in education and territories on distance learning measures, the date has been postponed to August 31. A general statement was issued and sent to students suggesting that students should choose their path to Canada without further complications.

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The extension of the temporary distance learning measures may influence those starting programs from September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023. These measures will apply in particular:

  • It is difficult to obtain at least 50% of the credits that can be completed outside of Canada to remain eligible for a PGWP.
  • Students who have studied and completed their studies online from outside Canada on or after September 1, 2023 will be subtracted from the duration of the next PGWP.

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The Canadian government’s current objective is to reduce the existing backlog by providing student permits to the department, for students planning to start their studies in September, as few applications may not be processed in time for them to arrive in Canada in time for the fall season.

During the pandemic, measures were introduced as there was a great impact on travel and few health restrictions for international students and the education sector in Canada. Students who have received the permit to complete up to 100% of their program online, without influencing their eligibility for permanent residence.
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