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Football clubs and agents across Europe have had to adapt to a different way of doing business due to legislation that came into force on January 1, 2021.

Overnight, it has become more difficult for teams in England to sign relatively unknown quantities from Spain, Italy, Germany, France and other top leagues on the continent. British players are also affected as they now have to convince a team in, say, Italy that they are good enough to take one of their three non-EU spots in the squad.

So, a year later, what impact is the UK’s decision to leave the European Union having on businesses this month?

“The interesting thing about Brexit is that football is usually a law in itself because of the money involved, and you normally have different rules than the rest of the population,” one remarked. agent. “With the new immigration laws, it’s the same for everyone – and it has to be the same for us.”

The agent, however, pointed out that the current rules – in the form of the 2021 Governing Body Approval (GBE) Regulations – are a “massive problem” and a “pain in the ass”.

What impact have the Brexit rules had on player trading in this window?

“It’s double,” said an agent. “We work globally as a business, so it’s about trying to anticipate where British clubs will be buying players from now on. If the leagues in Scandinavia have closed, have Mexico or Brazil opened?

The quota of non-European players across Europe has certainly made it harder for agents to transfer English players abroad, even though Tammy Abraham and Ainsley Maitland-Niles have signed for Roma this season.

Maria D. Ervin