Work is underway to implement one-stop-shop approval system for subdivision and construction plans, TN Minister said | Coimbatore News

COIMBATORE: Work is underway for the implementation of the one-stop-shop system for approval of housing sites and approval of construction plans for the public, Tamil Nadu’s Minister for Housing and Development said on Monday. urban development, S Muthusamy.
He chaired a grievance camp organized in Coimbatore to deal with issues related to housing sites and building plans organized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. He said that, as instructed by the chief minister, the necessary infrastructure is being created so that people can get approval for housing sites and construction plans while sitting in the comfort of their homes.
He urged applicants to attach all required documents when submitting applications to officials, as the delay in processing applications is often caused by lack of documents. “It takes some time for the application to reach the appropriate authorities for approval. If the relevant documents are not available, the documents will be put on hold, causing delays, ”he said.
He said instructions have already been given to officials to ensure that they collect all required documents from the requests when they receive the requests. Officials should not request additional documents later, causing delays.
A large number of people attended the grievance camp and submitted their petitions to the minister. He listened personally to the problems of each of the petitioners. Senior officials, including district collector G Sameeran and enterprise commissioner Raja Gopal Sunkara, were present in the camp.
The activists also brought public concerns to the minister’s attention.
SP Thiyagarajan, an open space reserve activist, urged the minister to reverse a 2019 ordinance that allowed developers to calculate (OSR) land for each site after deducting space allocated to roads. Previously, a 10% OSR land had to be reserved over the entire area of ​​the land.
The new ordinance resulted in a reduction in the land allocation for the OSR, thereby reducing the public space available to residents.

Maria D. Ervin