Work from home made easy and secure with Aruba

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a shift in working arrangements, with hybrid work models quickly becoming the “new normal” for many employees. Companies have no choice but to follow the trend and make the necessary investments in the necessary technology and equipment.

To help businesses manage the transition to remote working, Aruba recently launched EdgeConnect Microbranch, a networking solution designed for home offices and small offices operating in a mixed work environment.

EdgeConnect Microbranch is developed by Aruba, with edvance as the Professional Distributor of Aruba, a Hong Kong-based value-added distributor of cybersecurity solutions with nearly 20 years of experience.

The one-stop solution provides remote workers with a secure and reliable office experience through a single Wi-Fi access point (AP). Tunnels and routes are also automatically created between the access point and the data center, eliminating the need for user intervention, manual tunnel configuration or route calculation. Thus, companies can optimize the way they operate in terms of convenience, performance improvement, expansion, technical support and increased security.

Additionally, SD-WAN capabilities are extended to home offices and small offices, providing remote workers with enterprise-grade connectivity across all locations.

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Maria D. Ervin