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The students had the professional experience of a lifetime after traveling to Prague under the Erasmus programme.

Computer Science and IT students from Uxbridge College spent three weeks on placement in the Czech capital, following a highly competitive interview process, and toured the city to learn about its history, architecture and his art. In addition to working with various technology companies, they visited sites such as the famous Karlův most (Charles Bridge) and Staroměstské nám (Old Town Square).

In the workplace, tasks included working with social media ads, virtual reality and content production, and networking with professionals.

Internship activities included:

• Filming and producing content behind the scenes of a documentary for the National Theater in Prague

• Give a presentation on the use of an Oculus virtual reality headset

• Development of social media content for a theater company

• Production of an Instagram animation in Adobe After Effects as part of a social media advertising campaign

• Website update

• Search for 3D design software “Gravity Sketch”.

• Networking, including setting up a router

• Using a 3D printer

Symantha Marcello, (pictured second from right), said, “My overall experience in Prague was amazing. At work, my interpersonal skills improved and it gave me a sense of independence and responsibility as an individual.

Kiefer Dias, (pictured third from left) said: ‘An experience that took me out of my comfort zone and made me grow as an individual.’

Dragos Slovineanu described the trip as follows: “A must-have experience for every student, filled with incredible memories and valuable skills.”

Oluwaseun Peter said: “It provides many useful opportunities like better communication, teamwork, meeting new people, experiencing a new place, new culture and new cuisine. to travel abroad for free and explore like you’re on vacation while studying to gain vital knowledge and skills in a real-life work environment.

Shivani Chohan said: “An experience that taught me a lot. Not just work ethic, but relationship building, independence, and the ability to manage my time and money. »

Luke Greenidge dubbed his experience: “Sensational.”

The college will continue to provide equivalent overseas work experience opportunities, including internships for 80 college-wide students in 2022-23, under the new Turing program. The Turing program will carry over any remaining funding for the program after Brexit.

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