Woman simply refuses to let woman work on her car – “they belong behind the scenes”

When a video caption says “I impress how good people can be,” you tend to expect the worst. And while it’s pretty much common knowledge that misogyny is still a very real thing, seeing this woman adamantly refusing to let another woman work on her car is still shocking. Not to mention disturbing.

Almost 2 million people on TikTok have now viewed this video, which was uploaded by a woman named Rachel (@ 25centrayray), who works at a car dealership in after-sales service.

On the screen we see: “When a Karen calls and we are all female service writers …”

Rachel’s co-worker, Autumn, simply answers the phone with a warm, professional welcome, and the woman on the other line is already unhappy.

“Fall, I didn’t ask for a female, I’d like to talk to a male.”

Yeah, she said that. And more.

The woman continued, “My opinion is that women have no place in the service department. They belong behind the scenes to doing the paperwork.

This is the part that really touched me. Like, doesn’t this woman know that 99% of most jobs is paperwork? What does it mean?

Rachel lets us know that their department is headed by a female service manager who oversees two dealerships and has over 25 years of experience. So if this woman is looking for a qualified professional, she is in luck!

But if she just needs a man in charge, she asks for disappointment.

The fall brings the sad news that, unfortunately, there are no men in the service department of the dealership. The only solution is to transfer her to the sales department, where there is a male colleague.

Which is actually a no-solution because, predictably, the woman will be transferred. And she does.

When the woman finally comes back online, she tells Autumn she needs to make an appointment, threateningly, “I just hope there aren’t any women on the desk when I get there.” Ouch.

Once again, Autumn (the real MVP of this whole debacle) keeps her cool and politely reminds the woman that there is always no men working in the after-sales service.

The woman’s response? “Oh my God, this is totally messed up. I need to change my oil, but there better be a male mechanic I can talk to.

Rachel lets us know that this woman is sort of a regular customer and that she has “problems every visit”, but this goes beyond just being a difficult customer.

The woman then says that she “does not want a woman to work on [her] because the last time she came, it took her an hour to do a job that should have taken five minutes. That because an “incompetent” woman did not paging her within a reasonable time, she had to “hunt down a man” to fix the problem.

Rachel tells us what really happened.

“The moment she is talking about is the appointment she refused to postpone due to the fact that our store was hit by Covid and there were four technicians down, so the store was late and was informed of the extended waiting time. “

It’s always good practice to avoid judgment and take a middle-of-the-road approach, but as a woman watching this, I can’t help but get drained.

As one person wrote, “I’ll never understand that women hate other women” and, well, yes. Hate is what you feel.

Other people in the comments were quick to react to this heinous behavior, including a woman who wrote: “As a mechanic, I am livid”.

“It’s disgusting,” added another.

Others had more biting (but quite funny) responses:

“Ma’am, did you get your husband’s approval first before calling us? I would like a handwritten and notarized authorization before we can continue …”

“You should have told her that her husband had to call to make an appointment to make sure it was the right service. “

To the dealer’s credit: the owner, rightly “shocked and outraged” after seeing this video, had the woman “fired as a customer”.

One would think, especially nowadays, that our society might understand that yes, women are quite capable of doing more than “behind the scenes” work.

But rest assured, if this woman is of this opinion, others too. It is heartbreaking and exasperating at the same time.

On the other hand, TikTok is an amazing platform for exposing outdated thinking and challenging outdated societal norms. One of our editors, Tod Perry, wrote a few months ago about a mechanic to whom a coworker said “she didn’t belong to her.” As the title suggests, she proved him wrong.

As more and more women look for opportunities, do a great job and succeed, it’s bound to piss off a few people, who somehow see equality as a kind of threat to tradition. But in the end, that’s their problem.

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Maria D. Ervin