Why Celtics’ Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum Can Work in Boston, Says One Of Their All-Stars

BOSTON – As the Celtics’ lackluster season continued, speculation intensified. This brought Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to the center of the limelight.

It’s the life of two players aged 25 and under who already have All-Star appearances on their CVs. While the future is bright based on their potential, the present has been mediocre product as the Celtics battle for relevance.

As the trade deadline approached, Brown – right or wrong – saw his name emerge as a potential option to break up the duo. There have been other vocal critics questioning whether Tatum and Brown can adapt in the long run. Former Celtic analyst and current Kendrick Perkins is one of them; there are many others around the league.

However, all of these discussions aren’t just about Brown and Tatum. Brown said he had an open dialogue with his teammate, discussing how they can fit in. He added that they had spoken after the Knicks’ loss on Wednesday, reaffirming an open dialogue of communication – and that the two gifted wings can play side-to-side.

“We can play together,” Brown said. “We’ve played well together for most of our careers and stuff like that. The past year hasn’t gone as planned, but I think a lot of the adversity we’re going through right now is going to help us grow and improve in the future.

It’s still a process for both players, Brown said. They are always learning to be playmakers to elevate themselves and their teammates. They are still learning what it takes to be the leader of a playoff contender, not just strong players like in previous playoffs. They’re still learning, period – and at their age, it’s a natural progression.

Brown showed some of that growth on Saturday as part of his first-career triple-double. The Celtics relied heavily on their defense in a 99-75 win over the Knicks at TD Garden. Brown was the headliner, setting up a sparkling line of 22 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists.

The playmaking side has arguably been the most important development this season. Boston freshman coach Ime Udoka – whom Tatum and Brown both recommended – insisted the All-Stars grow up as playmakers. It was the biggest challenge, but the two players take the training with flying colors.

“I know people are tired of hearing this, but a lot of learning and growth is still going on,” Brown said. “I’m improving as a basketball player. Jayson is improving as a basketball player and trying to get our guys in position to make them look good. It’s harder than it looks.

Communication is also an important part of the duo’s relationship. They are now in their fifth season in Boston as teammates. There were a lot of good times, namely the Eastern Conference Finals, but the bad times were more recent and reflect the current state of the team.

The Celtics will only go until Tatum and Brown take them. While there has been plenty of criticism this season, Brown said he’s confident they could get through the tough times.

“If we get over this crisis and keep learning, I think there’s a lot of good basketball on the other side,” Brown said. “I can only control what I can control. … We talked after the game (Wednesday), communicated with each other and things like that. We are on the same page. I understand where all the other frustrations are coming from, but as long as I’m on the same page with him and he’s on the same page with me, that’s where we focus. most.

Maria D. Ervin