What is Zillow Premier Agent and how does it work? – Forbes Advisor

Zillow Premier Agent has a number of features that make it so powerful for real estate agents. Here are some of the best tools included in the program.

Automated Advertising

The best feature of Zillow Premier Agent is that you don’t have to do anything. As long as you buy a large enough share of voice in a given zip code, Zillow will automatically advertise on your behalf. Your image and contact information may appear on a listing, or you may appear on the agent search page for your zip code.

my agent

After connecting with a prospect, you will get an exclusive relationship with them for 30 days through the My Agent feature. With this tool, you’ll be the only agent buyers see on an ad. You will also benefit from having your branding and contact information included in all Zillow Home Finder emails.

Buyers can also share their viewing history with you, making it a little easier for them to see what they’re looking for in a home. If they want to book a tour or have any questions, they’ll contact you via a Zillow message.

Zillow Premier CRM Agent

The Zillow Premier Agent CRM is available in app and desktop formats and gives you a number of tools to manage your leads. Incoming leads are sent to your inbox, where you see their contact details as well as the particular home they are inquiring about.

You’ll be able to see all the homes they’ve searched, viewed, and saved with just a few clicks. And if you come across a home you think they’ll love, you can text them directly through the app. Finally, custom conversion and feedback metrics help you see how well you’re doing.

While the Zillow Premier Agent CRM is great if you’re a dedicated Zillow user, if you want a more robust app, check out our top picks for real estate CRMs.

Broker management

If you have a team of agents that you want to manage with Zillow Premier Agent, you’ll love the ability to automatically assign inbound leads to agents based on specific routing rules. This can help you ensure that the right agent connects with the right customer. The app also includes on-demand reports and call recordings so you can track your team’s overall performance.

Third-party integrations

Zillow seems to recognize that it’s not the only lead buying service, which is why it offers integration with 37 other lead apps. You can pull your leads from these services into the Zillow app so you can manage them all in one place.

ROI Report

Unless you’re a math expert, it can often be difficult to calculate whether a lead buying service is worth it. That’s why Zillow includes an ROI report that shows you the value of your Zillow Premier Agent advertising. It breaks down your current commission income after splits, your return when using Zillow, and even the performance of certain zip codes.

Maria D. Ervin