Veteran artist Paramjit Singh’s work leaves you with a tender illusion of space

Talk to him about the fact that although art books are plentiful in English and Hindi, but very few regional languages ​​offer substantial content, he says, “This is precisely why I spent my own money. to have my book printed in Punjabi, and also in Hindi. I don’t know if it sold well, but I gave a lot of copies to the Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi for distribution. “

Married to fellow artist Arpita Singh, he only smiles if their hours may be the same and the studios are closing, but their works are quite far apart. “However, we look at each other’s works, enjoy each other and make jokes, but don’t really analyze. I really like her art. She’s definitely one of the best.”

This former professor at the Fine Arts Department of Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi for nearly three decades believes that the quality of teachers in Indian art schools has declined dramatically.

“When teachers are quite ordinary, how do we expect students to develop intuition? And everything goes so fast now, computers and all that … I still believe in the old fashioned way of working alone. the fight is over because there is always a shortcut to quick results. The patterns and all are good but there is no insight … Of course, many young artists find their marks and produce good work. Not to mention art has become such a huge business now, an exceptionally brilliant artist wouldn’t want to be a teacher, right? “Says Singh, who in his 80s, still makes a point of working in his career. studio every day.

(This article first appeared in the National Herald on Sunday.)

Maria D. Ervin