Top 10 Low Cost AI Projects Your Kids Can Work On

by Aishwarya Banik

January 6, 2022

AI projects benefit children immensely as it helps them increase their knowledge and talents for their bright future

Mainstream education has undoubtedly suffered, as online learning has grown in popularity and some parents have even turned to home schools. Learning, on the other hand, is not limited to the classroom. At home, students and beginners can complete a variety of enjoyable and simple Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) projects. The majority of these projects require a computer or laptop, as well as internet connectivity. These projects provide your child with an enjoyable learning experience, which introduces them to artificial intelligence and machine learning from an early age.

Face filters using face detection

In an age when changing your face to look like your favorite dog or trying to look regal by wearing a crown is all the rage on the internet. This project allows you to precisely design the filters for your face application and apply them to your face. This is a fun AI and machine learning project for kids, which teaches them how to use AI to recognize their face with a computer camera, then adapt the filter to their face and even to tilt it according to the tilt of their face.

Predict the price of housing

In this project, you will have to anticipate the selling price of a new home in Boston, for this mission. The prices of properties at various locations in the city are included in the project dataset. The datasets for this experiment are available in the UCI machine learning repository. Besides the costs of various properties, you will also get statistics on the age of people, the city’s crime rate, and the location of non-business businesses. It’s a great mission for young people to put their knowledge to the test.


Developing a chatbot is one of the main AI-based initiatives. First, create a rudimentary customer service chatbot. Chatbots, which can be found on many websites, can be used as inspiration. After you have created a basic chatbot, you can improve it and make it a more complex version. The specialty of the chatbot can then be changed and its functions can be improved. AI allows you to build a variety of innovative chatbots.

Facial recognition

This is a popular artificial intelligence project concept. This research aims to build on a current and revolutionary in-depth learning application: the identification of facial emotions. Deep Learning Facial Emotion Detection and Identification System is used to recognize and understand human facial emotions. It can identify happy, sad, angry, terrified, surprised, disgusted and neutral human emotions in real time.

Stock price forecast

This is one of the biggest ideas for beginner AI projects. The stock market is a favorite of machine learning scientists. Because it is tightly packed with information, it is. You can get a variety of datasets and start working on a project right away. This project would be perfect for students interested in working in the financial industry, as it can give them meaningful insight into a variety of elements of the industry.

Gesture controlled space game battle

This is a simple AI based space combat game where you just use hand gestures to operate your ship. PictoBlox, a computer or laptop with a camera or webcam and an internet connection are all required. The basics of the game are simple: you move your finger to control the movement of the spaceship. The game uses artificial intelligence to analyze your hand and its movements through the camera, which then moves the in-game spaceship forward.

Gesture control robot

The next AI and machine learning project for students is to control a 2WD robot with hand gestures rather than a computer, smartphone, or joystick. If you haven’t created the robot yet or don’t know how to do it, go here. A two-wheeled robot, a laptop or PC equipped with a camera, PictoBlox and an internet connection are all required. You will use machine learning to teach the model to recognize hand gestures, so they can move forward, turn left and right, and stop in this project.

AI-based home automation

Students can use the speech recognition capability of the artificial intelligence extension of PictoBlox, to operate the home appliances in this project. Students will use PictoBlox to create a room with devices such as lights, fan, and radio, then write a script in PictoBlox to make them work using voice commands. Once the project is complete, you can turn it into a real room with lights, fans, and radios.

Presence system using face detection

Due to the current global scenario and the rise of online classrooms, the conventional attendance method can be difficult or cumbersome. This cutting-edge machine learning project allows your teacher to attend class using facial recognition. It collects sample photographs of your face using machine learning, and the next time the computer scans a face, it uses AI to compare it to stored samples, marking you as present if it there is a match.

Plagiarism checker

You will create a plagiarism detector for a project that can detect similarities in copies of text and calculate the proportion of plagiarism. Users can register for this software by generating a valid username and password. The file will be separated into content and reference links after downloads are complete. The reviewer will then go through the entire document, checking for grammatical issues, visiting each referral link, and analyzing the content of all links to look for matches to your material.

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