This is how they recruit

The ace criminal sect they work because Its leaders bring certainty in times of disruption When some people find themselves with psychological, emotional and social vulnerabilities. Being smart or having a high level of education does not prevent them from joining one. Rather, they are moments of weakness or distress, a feeling of inadequacy or that all is lost, which leaders take advantage of, because will fill the void and the uncertainties with placebos that will stabilize Body and spiritual peace, as are presented as salvation or restorationFirst with words, then with innocuous actions or requests.

Thus, gradually, we enter high speedWhich will be effective in those who maintain intelligence, adaptability, awareness of reality and are motivated to make changes to improve their lives or are determined to find happiness.

required that they be able to control their emotions or their instinctive affective reactions in order to be reprogrammed; They are incited to eliminate or modify them, and those whom the leader deems to be right are transplanted.

No destructive or criminal sect will present itself first for what it really is; Very rarely do they do this with social settings that can serve as positive promotions to attract other people they are coerced into once they enter.

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when they are caught, separation process Which will work over time, to avoid any interference with the authentic past and the meaningful emotional relationship that may notice the drastic and gradual changes in their loved ones and attempt to keep them from impending danger.

In this process, it is necessary to avoid important people and replace them with like-minded people. East Voluntary estrangement from outsiders or “others” in the pursuit of happiness or betterment There is another function, which is loss of perception of chronological timeBecause it would contribute some degree of disorientation to drive someone into psychological bondage.

In this way, they are more convinced by clothing, rituals that invoke magico-animistic thought, and new words with specific meanings that reinforce a new identity and association through groupthink for effective recruitment.

Content related to the Jim Jones Cult and the Guyana GenocideArchives/People’s Temple

After this process, brainwashing, which is a mind control technique that involves revoking freedom of action, association, belief in others, and freedom of thought. But for this to happen, the man must have succeeded in reducing his tendency to share his feelings with others.

This will make it easier to suggest and create conditioned indifference to basic emotional responses. Therefore, Victims of destructive and criminal cults are often characterized by a lack of remorse or empathy for the suffering of others.And they can be callous when they witness or commit acts of cruelty and extreme humiliation towards those with whom they have an emotional connection, even within the sect.

You learn to look down on others because the idea that they are inferior beings is implicit and the way to learn is through physical and emotional suffering.

It develops and is perpetuated through a fear that is forged with crazy thoughts of harassment or harm Which gradually becomes the ultimate truth. Sometimes they are tricked into believing that the enemy is their dearest bond in the first stage, fugitives from the cult or loved ones fighting to save them. So It manages to generate insecurity, manipulation and dependency.

In turn, to counteract the feeling of fear and vulnerability reinforced by these worldviews against them, New ideas and new teachings are implanted with a vision of restoration, revolution or salvation, which can sometimes involve the world.Over time and alienation, it is manipulated into collective and implanted feelings such as hatred and conflicted pursuits.

Content related to the Jim Jones Cult and the Guyana Genocide
Content related to the Jim Jones Cult and the Guyana GenocideArchives/People’s Temple

The social and cultural norms with which victims approach a cult pose a challenge to the leader, which will lead to their reinterpretation when appropriate; There are also economic interests, which is why many sects start with the use of Learning to “let go of the material”, which implies the renunciation of economic goods and emotional attachment. Rules that cannot be customized will be replaced with their own rules.

The elimination of sexual urges plays a fundamental role in abandonment, because Controlling these tendencies and when and how to issue the leader’s orders will make control and submission complete. Therefore, Those arrested will gradually break laws or taboos, including incest.

Tomas Neer and Mary Ellen O’Toole, former FBI criminal profilers, argue that there is a substantial distinction between extremist or radicalized people captured by criminal cults and those captured and radicalized by terrorist groups.

Although many of their leaders are like deities or demi-gods who carry and transmit knowledge that is not only worldly, in the first case the subjects are what they are called. mirror thought Or mirror thinking: they see themselves and want to be like the leader, perfect. Conversely, in the second case ideal thought Or the search for an ideal that will lead and surpass the times.

Content related to the Jim Jones Cult and the Guyana Genocide
Content related to the Jim Jones Cult and the Guyana GenocideArchives/People’s Temple

After the Jonestown MassacreIn Guyana, where more than 900 people held captive by a cult died in what was the most shocking suicide and mass murder we have ever seen, it was a groundbreaking act for many survivors. According to reports at the time and FBI reports, some of the survivors were expelled from this habitat and faced with an environment of laws they knew, but no longer ruled, at the end of the world. horrible events and feelings.

It is important that the victims rescued from this type of cult and taken against their will are not abandoned to their fate, but benefit from specialized psychological and psychiatric therapy to understand what they must do. They were victims of psychological slavery and manipulative wills, so they received social support to rehabilitate and avoid future recurrences.

Maria D. Ervin