The working week begins with abundant sunshine

After a gray start to the weekend, the sun returned to central Indiana today and brightened things up. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to heat things up there. Part of the reason we stayed cooler was due to a high pressure system coming in from the west. Our high temperature remained at 37 degrees with only 7 degrees warming in the morning. As the high pressure system continues to move east overnight, our next warming will begin.

Monday will remain sunny as drier air settles throughout the region. A light southerly wind will pick up during the day and bring us back to a slightly softer air mass. With the sun, however, it will be enough to bring back our lows from the mid-1920s to the mid-1940s. That would put us at least 5 degrees above average after a colder than average Sunday. Our skies are expected to remain mostly clear overnight with troughs returning to the mid-1920s before Tuesday.

The middle of the week will remain dry for the most part and quite seasonal. Global flow will be zonal across North America this week, meaning no major fluctuations in temperature and weather are likely. Thus, our weather model will remain much calmer than the past few weeks and temperatures will not vary much from day to day. This can be disrupted as we progress through the Holiday Weekend, but as our next system expands across the plains.

Maria D. Ervin