The ReNew Power Hiring Hackathon is now live! Get the chance to work with his digital team

In a bid to accelerate wind analytics, ReNew Power, one of India’s leading renewable energy companies, in partnership with MachineHack, is launching a data science hiring hackathon planned for the August 19, 2022at September 9, 2022.

The Data Science Recruitment Hackathon offers data professionals an exciting opportunity to prove their abilities and get a chance to work with ReNew Power. Entrants would also have a chance to win prizes like iPhone 13, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4–42mm, Alexa Echo Show 8 and more.

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Statement and description of the problem

Unplanned shutdowns of wind turbines can result in a significant loss of revenue and energy. Therefore, it is important to predict and report component failure to prevent further loss and perform maintenance before the onset of complete failure, which in turn requires component replacement and higher costs.

Additionally, condition-based monitoring systems rely on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems to predict faults and gain valuable insight into turbine performance.

In this hackathon, ReNew Power shared up-to-the-minute normalized wind speed, power, and temperature data for multiple components of a wind turbine. The company seeks to create a model to obtain the expected rotor bearing temperature of an ideally operating turbine. He will then use the model to check the deviation between the actual temperature of the faulty turbine’s rotor bearing and the expected temperature.

** Note

START DATE: August 19

END DATE: September 9

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MachineHack and ReNew Power created a training dataset of 909604 lines with 16 columns and a test data set of 303202 lines with 15 columns to solve the prediction problem.

Submission Guidelines

Sklearn models support predict() method to generate the predicted values

The participant must submit a .csv fileand with exactly 3,03,202 rows with 1 column [“Target”]. The submission will return an invalid score if you have extra rows or columns.

** The file must have exactly 1 column.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation of the Hackathon will be undertaken using the Mean Absolute Percent Error. One can use sklearn.metrics.mean_absolute_percentage_error to calculate the same.

The hackathon would also support private and public leaderboards, where the public leaderboard will be judged on 30% of test data. On the other hand, the private ranking will be available at the end of the hackathon and evaluated on 100% of test data.

The final score will be 70* [Leaderbaord (100% of test dataset)] + 30* [Solution Approach]

START DATE: August 19

END DATE: September 9

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The top 25 candidates from the public ranking will have the chance to be interviewed/hired by ReNew Power. ReNew Power will select the top three (3) winners, as well as weekly winners, based on given criteria.

**Note: There will be two weekly winners for the first two weeks. This also allows contestants to win two prizes (weekly prize + winner’s prize)

Jackpot: iPhone 13 (128 GB)

Second prize: iPad Air, Wi-Fi (64 GB)

Third Prize: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – 42mm

Weekly winners (total 2): Alexa Echo Show 8

Dataset Details

  • Train: 909604 rows x 16 columns
  • Test: 303202 rows x 15 columns
  • Sample Submission.csv — Please see the “Assessment” section on the MachineHack webpage for details on generating a valid submission.

To learn more about attributes, click here.

START DATE: August 19

END DATE: September 9

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