The Recorder – ‘All the work is worth it’: Sleep in Heavenly Peace volunteers build 10 bed frames for children in need

Posted: 7/10/2022 1:25:13 PM

Modified: 07/10/2022 13:24:57

ORANGE — Seven volunteers gathered at the LaunchSpace carpentry shop inside the Orange Innovation Center on Saturday to make bed frames for North Quabbin children in need.

The group, gathered as part of the new local chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace, had built 10 bed frames by the end of the morning.

“All the hard work is worth it to see the look on the children’s faces,” said Scott Hubbard, co-chair of the Athol-Orange chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is an American non-profit organization that builds and provides beds for children in need. The organization is based in Idaho and has grown steadily since its inception in 2012.

Hubbard and his wife recently started a new chapter after receiving training from the organization in April. The chapter began with a $4,000 grant from Sleep in Heavenly Peace and receives donations and discounts on supplies.

Hubbard explained that he received a rebate on the materials used to build the beds from Hamshaw Lumber Co. and received a truckload of construction equipment from Hart Tools.

So far, the Hubbards have made 100 beds which will be donated throughout the region.

They do larger workdays, like the Saturday event at LaunchSpace. LaunchSpace CEO and co-founder Brianna Drohen explained that her organization has organized two days of work so far.

“It’s such an amazing cause and it’s so needed in the region,” Drohen said. “We are happy to support him.”

Many other volunteers are also active in the Athol-Orange chapter.

“I like to build the beds. I love delivering the beds – it’s like Christmas morning,” said Sleep in Heavenly Peace Athol-Orange chapter member Chris Alphen, as he drilled holes in pieces of plywood used to build a simple bed frame. .

Each bed frame children receive includes new bedding and a mattress.

“The children are in bad situations. This project lets them know that someone cares enough to give them new beds,” Alphen said.

While Saturday’s build event produced 10 beds, the team hopes to build more during Sleep in Heavenly Peace’s National Day of Action titled “Bunks Across America” ​​on September 10.

To volunteer with the chapter or request a bed, visit

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