The QuickReco tool allows quick work of reconciliation and reporting activities

Can you imagine how laborious it can be to reconcile and generate reports when the number of records involved is large and the activity has to be repeated on an hourly/daily/monthly basis?

To top it off, information must be pulled from multiple sources from various list formats. When reconciliation involves complex calculations and output is needed in specific formats with approvals and email notifications, it can get too tiring.

Relax, Unistanz has come up with a QuickReco tool designed to eliminate the manual effort needed to perform the above activities. With QuickReco Tool, say goodbye to the time and effort spent daily on basic Excel processes such as data reconciliation, calculation, research and reporting. There is no need for dedicated resources to do this human-error-prone manual work.

QuickReco Tool can convert raw data into smart reports by completing the multi-file based reconciliation process and matching them based on simplex or complex keys. QuickReco Tool is efficient and easy to use as it has a simple and easy to navigate user interface. It can use CSV and PDF lists, import Excel and run automatic processes in the background.

QuickReco Tool is enterprise software that can automate tasks such as search, calculation, and reconciliation. It comes with several handy features such as built-in dashboard, email notification, reports, importing and exporting data in different formats, and approval workflow.

If a business needs account reconciliation between the bank, internal systems, and vendors for collections, payments, and expenses, QuickReco Tool is here to save time, human error, cost, and effort. QuickReco Tool can also be used to calculate monthly commissions, rebates and forecasts for multiple variables using complex algorithms. It can generate reports and dashboards to track performance analysis, trends and exceptions which can be downloaded in different formats.

Compared to Excel Marco, QuickReco Tool has several distinct advantages. It offers database storage so that all records are available in one place and there is no need to access various files. It is a login-based portal that ensures security and eliminates the likelihood of manipulation of imported data. It has an audit log that provides a trace of actions performed by different users. No manual intervention is required. The data is stored on a reliable database server so that it remains safe. QuickReco Tool has simplified the approval process by creating an integrated approval workflow that removes the need to email files/reports. The tool includes an integrated dashboard to highlight all important metrics

With the QuickReco tool, Unistanz offers a very practical solution to manage complex reconciliations using extensive data from multiple sources. It is a great help for companies that process a lot of financial data that needs to be reconciled and communicated at a short and regular frequency.

About Unistanz

Unistanz Software Private Limited is a Mumbai-based software products and IT services company. Established in 2002 by Mr. Jayendra Desai, they have served clients across many fields and technology platforms.

Their close association with global companies has given them excellent technical and customer experience which is very useful to them. Unistanz has an excellent team that is committed to providing quality service.

Their client base includes blue chip companies such as HDFC Life Insurance, Capri Global Capital, Mahindra Rural Housing Finance, Blue Dart Express and Adani Capital.

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