“Teacher rationalization process to be finalized by next month” Working to address teacher shortage – The Sangai Express



By our journalist
IMPHAL, September 4: Education Minister Thounaojam Basantakumar has said that the government will strive to complete the process of rationalizing teaching posts by October this year.
Speaking to the media in Babupara today, the Minister of Education said that the state has a total of 1884 public schools from primary to upper secondary.
Saying that many public schools in Manipur lack adequate infrastructure and teaching staff, Basantakumar continued that about 6945 teaching positions and 235 non-teaching staff positions in school education are currently vacant.
The Minister of Education claimed that this shortage of teaching and non-teaching staff is due to the fact that vacancies have not been filled on time for a decade.
Arguing that the government does not have the resources to immediately address the teacher shortage, Basantakumar said the government is nonetheless trying to address the teacher shortage issue on the advice of Chief Minister N Biren Singh.
The Minister of Education further stated that the process of recruiting 923 graduate teachers is almost complete.
The government will also recruit qualified pre-primary, primary and Hindi teachers, but this will take time, he added.
He reiterated that the rationalization of teacher assignment will be completed by the end of next month (October).
During the massive SSA and RMSA teacher casual furlough protest, Th Basantakumar said the teachers chose to hold the protest due to miscommunication and added that it was very regrettable.
Clarifying that the Department of Education (S) has absorbed the SSA and RMSA teachers as regular teachers pursuant to a notification issued on July 20, 2020, the Minister of Education stated that they (the teachers RMSA and SSA) are also government employees.
On School Fagathansi Mission (SFM), Th Basantakumar said that the initiative was taken to develop some selected schools as model schools and not to upgrade all public schools at once.
Arguing that the SFM is in its second phase and that there will also be a third phase, the education minister said it would be wrong to assume that the SFM is a failed government endeavor by showing some schools with inadequate infrastructure.
He claimed that the enrollment rate in public schools had increased by 29% since the establishment of the SFM.
On a question, Th Basantakumar said that the disproportion in the allocation of teachers in public schools will be corrected once the rationalization of teachers is completed.
Education Commissioner (S) H Gyan Prakash and Director L Nandakumar also attended the press conference.

Maria D. Ervin