Talk about work! A small hole near the phone camera is convenient, please know

New Delhi. Over the past few years, mobiles and smartphones have become an important part of people’s lives. The power of the smartphone can be assessed from the fact that for this reason a lot of changes have been observed in the country and in the world. Thanks to smartphones, the world today is in such an era that it can get information on any topic in seconds. This may be the reason why smartphones are also extremely addictive and millions of people struggle with this addiction, but how well do you know the body of this pocket powerhouse? Many users may have noticed a small hole near the smartphone camera flash and lens. But do you know what it is and what it is for?

Many users also think that this little black hole is only for the style in the smartphone but it is not. It is neither a button nor part of the camera. It’s actually a microphone. Apart from this, there are two other microphones in the smartphone. One is hidden in the speaker grill on the front of the phone and the other is located in the bottom edge.

Although this small, black-colored microphone is not used to record users’ voices, it is a noise-canceling microphone that keeps background noise to a minimum. This comes in handy when the user is shooting video with their camera. This microphone picks up all surrounding sounds and then initiates noise cancellation. Not only that, but there are many such facts related to the smartphone but usually people don’t know about it. Know some of these facts.

1. The first mobile phone was the Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X which was developed by Martin Cooper in 1983. He was a senior executive in the Motorola company. Contact numbers of only 30 people could fit into this mobile phone. It weighed 1.1 kg and offered a talk time of 30 minutes.

The world’s first phone call was made by Martin Cooper to Bell Labs physician Joel S. Ingel. This phone was equipped with the Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X.

3. IBM released the first smartphone in 1994. It included many “smart features” such as a touchscreen, address book, calculator, calendar, and notepad.

4. 90% of smartphones in Japan are waterproof because people here are so obsessed with smartphones that they carry them to the bathroom so often.

In 2012, Apple sold 37.04 million iPhones in 14 weeks. This means that Apple sold 262 phones per minute this year and 4 phones per second.

The world’s first washable smartphone was made in Japan.

Maria D. Ervin