Some modest proposals for governments. DeSantis and Abbott will continue their great work


The recent “transfers” of “undocumented” and therefore “noble” foreigners – as opposed to those poor sabers who actually ask to immigrate legally – to Martha’s Vineyard, Vice President Kamala Harris’ front yard and other similar places by Republican governors. Ron Santis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas created predictable consternation among members of the MHRC (Members of the Hypocritical Rich Class).

George Bernard Shaw used to call them MIRC (Members of the Idle Rich class) but these people are working hard to destroy our country. They are not so idle. I had to give them their due, so the MHRC.

Therefore, since the open border is not only destroying the United States via thousands of fentanyl deaths, endless human trafficking, terrorist infiltration, etc., and is also devastating Mexico itself, with the cartels about to invade the whole country— if they haven’t already — I had to do my minor public service and offer the following suggestions to the governors.

Gentlemen, here are a few possible destinations where I’m sure those excess illegal aliens (pardon me, “poor undocumented ones”) will be welcomed with the widest arms of charity, just as they were at Martha’s Vineyard. These people, after all, are “progressive.”

They care.

  1. Aspen, Colorado (especially at a major “elite” conference)
  2. Bill Gates’ home in Medina, Washington
  3. The home of BlackRock CEO Larry Fink in North Salem, New York
  4. Nancy Pelosi’s Vineyard in Napa (but tell them to watch out for drunk drivers)
  5. Alejandro Mayorkas’ tennis club (yes, he plays)
  6. John Kerry’s private jet before taking off for the next “climate” conference
  7. Harvard Kennedy School on the day of Brian Stelter’s first class.

Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments. I tried to keep it a little light, but the situation is not.

To say we live in dark times is an understatement. When the FBI seized Mike Lindell’s cell phone from Hardee’s, in a way that my friend Jean Hinderaker compares correctly to the Gestapo, you know that you live in a country not very different from communist China.

Thank goodness we have a few politicians like DeSantis and Abbott who are willing to stand up and laugh at them, but in truth, it’s mostly up to us now.

We are the new “resistance”. The left – brainwashed or mass-trained psychosis, if you will – has gone mad with “cultural appropriation” (in this case of the Holocaust and the original French “resistance” ) declaring itself “the resistance” after the election of Donald Trump.

But what exactly were they resisting? Nasty tweets to Rosie O’Donnell? Red hair? The middle class and minorities, including women, having their highest incomes ever?

Most likely, it was really the preservation of their Deep State jobs – an America that had morphed into socialism and was soon to be sucked into globalism, the land of “you shall have nothing and you shall be happy” .

But they, those who are at the top, will have much, more than ever. They already do.

You’re not supposed to notice as private jets fly over Davos, Switzerland for the latest World Economic Forum on how to reduce poverty. (You see what I mean about the MHRC – Hypocritical Wealthy Class Members.)

It must be resisted at all costs and by all means. There are many, obviously, but one of them is comedy, which is actually one of the most powerful. It was all over the Soviet Union during its darkest times.

We must constantly poke fun at them in any way possible, not just via the often hilarious Babylon Bee, or even as the esteemed Governors do and hopefully will continue to do, but in any way possible.

They can’t take a joke because they’re a joke.

Resistance through mockery should be one of our main weapons. And when we laugh, we must also laugh at our own weaklings, those who want us to believe that we live in a time of status quo, with perhaps minor variations.

We are certainly not.

ADDENDUM: Someone who could benefit immensely from the Martha’s Vineyard case, if desired, is Alan Dershowitz. The famous lawyer endlessly complains that he is no longer welcome at parties on the vineyard, even though he was a good boy and voted for Joe Biden.

Now we can all see clearly what the selfish monsters that inhabit this island are really like, ejecting impoverished aliens as fast as humanly possible, not to mention the similar behavior of the mega-hypocrites who run the so-called sanctuary cities of New York to California. .

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Roger L. Simon is an award-winning novelist, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, co-founder of PJMedia, and now editor-in-chief for The Epoch Times. His most recent books are “The GOAT” (fiction) and “I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If It Hasn’t Already” (non-fiction). He can be found on GETTR and Talk @rogerlsimon.

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