Sierra Leone: At the ACP-EU Assembly, MPs are urged to work for the good of their people

Strasbourg, France- During the opening of the 41st session of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly of the European Union/African, Caribbean and Pacific (EU/ACP) Member States, MEPs were invited to continue to work for the good and betterment of the people in their respective countries.

Secretary General of the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), Hon. Georges Rebelo Chikoti Pinto underlined that parliamentarians have touched the lives of many of their compatriots in various ways and that they have worked diligently on the political orientations to eradicate poverty and ensure sustainable and inclusive development in their different countries and regions.

With the new partnership agreement with the EU on the agenda of the Assembly, the Secretary General claimed that the different Pintos said their different contributions showed “what it means to leave no one behind”. .

He added, however, that since the time was not primarily about looking back, it was more about reflecting on the opportunities that lay ahead of them at the dawn of a new and exciting era in relationships. OACPS-EU.

“The OACPS-EU relationship, like any other long-standing partnership,” affirmed Hon. Chikoti Pinto, has had its ups and downs and continues to evolve to meet country demands and the global environment in which we work ; which compels us all to continue to work together for the good of our citizens,” said the Honorable Chikoti Pinto while assuring that the New Partnership has the potential to be the driving force of the global economy.

The Secretary General of the OACPS insisted on the fact that all the Member States amount to more than half of the seats of the United Nations and that they represent more than 1.5 billion of the world’s population.

In this regard, he affirmed that this numerical force and this critical mass must be deployed in the best interests of the peoples of the Member States; and in this regard, he called for a demonstrative unity in advocating and responding to the questions of their peoples’ demand. “So we have to show the world that we are united,” he insisted.

He said that the new OACPS/EU partnership agreement provides for collaboration, cooperation and friendship to ensure a committed response to member states’ issues and that the Joint Parliamentary Assembly plays an increasingly important role in ensuring that partners operate and deliver.

Hon. Georges Rebelo Chikoti Pinto spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine which he maintained, unequivocally demonstrated how interconnected, interdependent and interconnected the world is.

Peter Kenilorea Jr. Co-Chair of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) in his statement said that during COVID-19 the world has come together for a common cause and reaffirms the organization’s vision to improve the standards of their peoples by ensuring good governance and the preservation of peace and security in the different regions.

He mentioned that the world faces multiple crises, but there is now a common understanding that these challenges can be met by working together.

Hon. Kenilorea Jr indicated that the 41st Session of the APP must mark the turning point to mark the turning point of a new page in the history of the APP.

“As we celebrate 20 years of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement and the future of OACPS-EU parliamentary cooperation, we are proud to join the Parliamentary Assembly with many compliments and achievements that span more than 70 years.

He said that the JPA is one of the global parliamentary organizations that facilitates parliamentary diplomacy, engenders political debate, stimulates dialogue and cooperation with and between powers and it also helps and supports the growing international agenda and the development of parliamentary dimensions on global issues as well as work. to advance cooperation between the OACPS and the EU.

Statements were made by the Mayor of Strasbourg, Jeanne Barseghian and Carlos Zorrinho, co-president of the APP.

Betty Milton, Information Officer, Brussels, Belgium

Maria D. Ervin