Should I organize an internship for my daughter in the transition year? – The Irish Times

My eldest daughter enters a transition year in September and I organize internships for her throughout the year. I do not know where to start. I recently moved to Clare where I don’t have many contacts, but we have family members in Dublin and Galway so we are not limited to local opportunities.

It’s a fine line for a parent to walk when supporting your senior in their first foray into or commitment to the working world. Offering too much support is detrimental to long-term benefits and skills developed while gaining work experience or job shadowing; too little and they might not know how to approach the task.

Every parent understands their own child’s interests, strengths and weaknesses as they guide them through their childhood. A conversation with your daughter about the type of job she would like to consider long-term could be very helpful.

A good place to start is the excellent ‘interest inventory’ on the website. If she enters into his interests, it generates occupations that could suit him and serve as a conversation starter.

Your daughter should also write a general cover letter as well as a basic resume outlining her hobbies and interests. Each application letter should be tailored to the company/internship they are applying for. Instilling good practices on how to engage with potential employers will pay huge dividends later in life.

After identifying some areas she would like to explore as part of her TY work experience, you can visit your local or TD consultant who will have a wide network of connections.

A student-friendly opportunity to find work experience opportunities can also be found at where there are hundreds of TY placements advertised. She can search for the one she is interested in and apply online. I suggest that she choose the sector in which she wishes to work and find a place that suits her.

For example, at the time of writing, there are plenty of TY internships available. If she is interested in retail or sales, there are work experience opportunities at dozens of stores. Or if she is interested in tourism and hospitality, there are opportunities to work with Michelin chefs, major tourist attractions, high-end hotels and restaurants, as well as marketing, event management, finance and human resources.

Once she has found an internship that interests her, have her prepare for her interview by researching everything about the sector and related trades.

Maria D. Ervin