Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller detail the ‘beautiful’ work-at-home dynamic

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller.

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Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller-RogenThe writing dynamic of At Home is straight out of a romantic comedy. When they’re not acting on screen or raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease through their organization Hilarity for Charity, you can often find the pair sitting side by side and brainstorming new content.

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“It’s a really amazing thing that we’re doing the same thing. When we talk about, you know, similar things and I think the fact that we understand what the other person is doing is really helpful,” Miller-Rogen, 39, said exclusively. We Weekly. “I would say it’s funny, like, we’ll say like, ‘I’ll write!’ “I’m going to write!” Then we’re both sitting next to each other on the couch, both writing, but we’re not writing, we’re literally thinking. And I’m thinking that’s such a fun picture. We’re sitting there with computers on our laps, looking up, thinking about it. But, you know, the fact that we can do this together is so nice.

Miller-Rogen has written several short films and notably acted in the 2012 films For a good time on the phone… and wrote the 2018 screenplay as father. Rogen, meanwhile, has been behind some of the biggest box office hits, including super bad, Pineapple Express, It is the end, Long shot and the current Hulu hit Pam and Tommy. The couple will then work together on the animated series Santa Claus Inc..

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“Seth is the first or second person to read everything I write. He has a [writing] partner [Evan Goldberg]so it automatically knocks me down,” Miller-Rogen joked to We.

“You’re pretty close to the top!” Rogen intervened. “It’s awesome.”

RomCom Goals Seth Rogen Lauren Miller Detail Lovely Work Dynamic Home

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller.

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The couple – who married in 2011 – also bonded over their ceramic work. Rogen has since launched a collection of ashtrays and also showcases his vase designs on social media. For Miller-Rogen, her love for pottery began in high school.

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“I was, like, an art child. And then I always wanted to do it and I took it up about ten years ago and I stopped after a few months. And then three years ago, we just said, “Let’s do a hobby together,” she explained. “And Seth was always very artistic and we have that in common. And so we just started together and took a lesson or two and then joined the studio. And I don’t know, just this great thing to do together and relaxing and meditative and creative, and we do it all the time.

In the presence of their dog Zelda, of course. “She’s sitting on a pillow,” Rogen added with a laugh. “It depends on the week. Sometimes we go there for a few hours a day, sometimes a week goes by and we don’t do it at all because we’re just busy. We try to do it every day.

In 2019, the knocked up the actor said QG that the process was therapeutic for him. “It’s like yoga, if you have something at the end,” he said. “If you were doing yoga and an object was produced at the end.”

A year later, he says The cup that he likes to produce “tangible works”.

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“With movies, we spend years on them and then they’re very intangible. They don’t have weight, they don’t take up physical space. You used to get at least a DVD or a Blu -Ray, and you don’t even really get it anymore. I don’t like to keep my own movie posters because they’re just advertisements for the product, not the product itself,” he explained. “I really like being able to create an artistic expression that is something that I can grab, hold, show people. It’s so different from what I normally do that has no mass.

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