Scotland’s new work from home rules explained as people return to the office today

Work from home measures were eased in Scotland today as the country continues to navigate its way through the Covid pandemic.

Last month, the Scottish government ordered Scots to work from home where possible following the outbreak of the highly transmissible variant of Omicron.

Offices remained empty as employees once again used their makeshift remote working facilities.

Now officials have deemed it safe for workers to return to the office amid falling Covid infection numbers.

Nicola Sturgeon announced the rule change during a speech to MSPs at Holyrood last Tuesday.

She said: ‘We don’t expect to see a mass return to the office next week – indeed, given that the level of infection, although falling, remains high, a mass return at this stage is likely to be counterproductive and even retard progress. .

“But we know there are many benefits both for employees and employers, and for the economy as a whole, in at least a partial return to the office at this stage.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the rules that will be in place when returning to the office.

Nicola Sturgeon announced the rule change last week

Work in office rules starting today

Scottish employers have been encouraged to take a ‘hybrid’ approach to working in the office – meaning some days will be spent on site while others will be at home.

The Scottish Government says working from home is one of the best protections available to it amid the Covid pandemic.

People considered to be at higher risk of the virus should be at the heart of the organization’s hybrid working policy.

Workers will also be required to wear a face covering in their workplace, unless they have a medical exemption.

Workplaces should also maximize good ventilation, such as opening a window, to help limit the spread of the virus.

Anyone with Covid symptoms should not come to the workplace and be tested as soon as possible.

People who have tested positive for the virus or are in close contact with someone with Covid should follow the rules for self-isolation.

Staff should test twice a week and whenever they intend to mingle with people from other households.

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Employers should also consider the layout of their premises and consider installing barriers or screens.

A number of hygiene measures – such as hand sanitizing stations – should be made available to staff.

Staff should also be encouraged to take their breaks or hold meetings in outdoor spaces.

People who work from home need to have the proper equipment and support needed to carry out their daily tasks.

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Maria D. Ervin