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In any work environment, fostering a culture of accountability among employees is believed to play an important role when it comes to improving productivity.

Responsibility in the workplace simply means that employees are responsible for their actions, behaviors, performance and decisions.

Studies link responsibility to increased work engagement and employee morale, which leads to better performance.

Berly Awiti, entrepreneur and educator at Mother Mary International School, observes that in many workplaces it is evident that accountability is lacking.

She says what needs to be understood is that accountability doesn’t just apply in the workplace but even in other areas, adding that you have to take ownership of what they say or are. supposed to do without fail.

“When you’re responsible for whatever you decide to do, it shows how committed you are. And at the end of the day, it’s easier for these people to achieve their dreams and goals in life, ”she says.

Awiti adds that in a work environment, if all members of a certain team demonstrate this skill, it helps build trust between them, thus improving the overall performance of the employees.

How can this be accomplished?

Jacques Habinshuti, owner of an organic pesticide company in the Western Province, says that based on his knowledge and experience, leading by example is one of the best ways to be responsible for anything. you are doing.

As a manager, he says he always tries to lead by example, which has worked as the rest of his team try to emulate him when it comes to performing different tasks within his company.

On top of that, he says another strategy he uses to be responsible is always to communicate and give feedback to his team when needed.

“Giving feedback to your team in any organization is no easy task. The aim is to work slowly and over time, this guarantees good results, ”he says.

Habinshuti adds that you don’t have to worry about whether the feedback is negative or positive, the best thing is to always make sure that you are providing feedback to the people you work with, especially if you are in a managerial position.

According to him, this shows how responsible we are, and it also makes things easier when it comes to clear communication.

Mathias Nkeeto, a teacher at Green Hills Academy, supports Habinshuti’s sentiment, noting that when it comes to feedback, it shouldn’t be something to postpone or delay.

He says delaying feedback to your team is as worse as not giving feedback at all, because it only makes things worse.

“To be responsible for everything you do, you have to work on providing feedback. What I do know is that problems very rarely resolve on their own and become more and more important when not addressed at the right time, ”he observes.

On the flip side, Nkeeto says it’s also ideal to always keep the responsibility apart from you. This can be done by keeping track of one’s commitments.

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