Prime Minister Modi offers condolences over the death of Bilquis Edhi; claims that “his work has touched the lives of many people around the world”

After the sad passing of Pakistani philanthropist and humanitarian Bilquis Edhi at the age of 74 on April 15, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed condolences over his passing earlier in the day. Prime Minister Modi shared a tweet stating, “My heartfelt condolences on the passing of Bilquis Edhi. Her lifelong dedication to humanitarian work has touched the lives of people across the world. People in India remember her with affection. May his soul rest in peace.”

Bilquis Edhi was rushed to Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi three days ago when her blood pressure dropped unexpectedly, according to local reports. His condition had worsened late Thursday evening after being stable for some time. Bilquis has been dubbed the “Mother of Pakistan”. Thousands of abandoned newborns have been saved through the placement of cribs by his organization in Edhi homes and centers across the country. She has received numerous national and international awards, including the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice in 2015 and the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service, which she and her husband received in 1986.

Imran Khan expresses his sorrow over the death of Bilquis Edhi

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed his grief over the death of Bilquis Edhi. He said he was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Mohtarma Bilquis Edhi. He added that her modest work for the homeless, orphans and abandoned children has established her as a role model and beacon of hope and that his condolences and prayers go out to his family.

Bilquis and her husband Abdul Sattar Edhi worked side by side to develop the Edhi Foundation, a social welfare organization that has received international acclaim for its humanitarian activities in various fields. Bilquis Edhi continued the massive work of the foundation after her husband’s death in July 2016, with the help of her son Faisal Edhi.

Bilquis Edhi buried at Mewa Shah Cemetery in Karachi

Bilquis Edhi was laid to rest at Mewa Shah Cemetery in Karachi on Saturday. Her grandson Ahmed Edhi said she suffered from various ailments including heart problem and lung infection, as well as diabetes and arthritis. On MA Jinnah Road, at the New Memon Mosque, prayers were conducted for his funeral, according to Dawn. Syed Murad Ali Shah, Sindh’s chief minister, was present, along with members of his cabinet.

Image: ANI

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