Popular manifesto demands right to work for slum dwellers

By our representative
As political parties attempt to woo voters ahead of urban local body elections in Bhubaneswar, popular collective Bhubaneswar Vikas Sangathan has released a popular manifesto to compel election candidates to keep their campaign promises.
The manifesto was prepared through a consultative process after talking with slum dwellers, local leaders, urban rights experts and social activists and includes key issues they face such as clean water , sanitation and hygiene, electricity and other civic issues.
The manifesto demands the right to work for slum dwellers as there is job uncertainty among unskilled laborers living in various slums. It also calls for a grievance center to connect elected officials with community members, a job facilitation center to help them benefit from government programs, and a study center for children who, according to the communities, must be carried out as a priority.
Bhubaneswar members Vikas Sangathan are also organizing a campaign for candidates to pledge to ensure the implementation of these issues if they win the elections.
Jyotsnarani Nayak, a corporate candidate from Ward No. 17 of Patharabandha Sahi, said, “This is a welcome step from these groups. We always criticize elected officials for deviating from the backtracking of their announcements. So, it will make us aware of what we have to deliver if we win. I signed the pledge and announced that I will continue to bring these issues to light even if I cannot win.

Maria D. Ervin