PM praises my work, it’s like winning a Nat’l Award: artist from Goa | Goa News

Panaji: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his Mann Ki Baat speech on Sunday, introduced the nation to Goa artist Sagar Naik Mule, 31, praising his efforts to revive the age-old Kaavi art form.
Ponda-based Mule said the prime minister appreciating his work on the Mann Ki Baat platform was as good as receiving a national award, not only for himself but also for Goa.
“I have heard of the efforts of Sagar Mule ji from Goa, who is involved in safeguarding for centuries old Painting ‘Kaavi’ of extinction. The Kaavi painting form covers the ancient history of India itself. In fact, ‘Kaava’ means red earth. In ancient times, red clay was used in this art. During Portuguese rule in Goa, people who migrated from there introduced people from other states to this wonderful form of painting, ”said Modi.
“Over time, this painting was on the verge of extinction. But Sagar Mule ji has breathed new life into this art. His efforts are also greatly appreciated. Friends, a small effort, even a small step, can make a huge contribution to the preservation of our rich arts, ”the Prime Minister said in his speech.
Mule said he woke up on Sunday after Modi’s speech to a flood of calls from family, friends and the media.
“Doordarshan had taken my comments beforehand, but I wasn’t sure I would be mentioned in Mann Ki Baat. I was still in bed on Sunday morning when I got a call from Akashvani, Pune, for my interview. At first I thought it was a fraudulent call. I had a pleasant surprise when I learned that I had been mentioned by the Prime Minister. It’s like Goa and I have won a national award, ”Mule said.
After graduating from Goa College of Art, Mule obtained his Masters from Sarojini School of Fine Arts in Hyderabad.
“I don’t just copy and repeat the Kaavi designs that were made by artists centuries ago. I felt it would be pointless. So I use Kaavi’s patterns and integrate them into my contemporary works. We must adapt the style to the contemporary art for it to be revived, ”Mule said. He added that he had started researching the Kaavi motifs and was determined to revive them after being reprimanded in 2020 by an architect for not knowing well the art form of Goa.
The name Kaavi is derived from the local name for the red-brown pigment of laterite.
“If the people of our country are determined, the passion to adorn, beautify and save our ancient arts across the country can take the form of a mass movement,” Prime Minister Mann said on Ki Baat .

Maria D. Ervin