Orissa High Court slams government, orders pension for employee charged with work – Reuters

By Express press service

CUTTACK: The Orissa High Court has criticized the state government for using the services of a man for more than three decades and denying him a pension on the grounds that he had always been hired as an employee responsible for working .

The salary of an employee responsible for work is charged to the project manager for whom the appointment is made. It ends with the completion of the project. The criticism came when the case of Biswanath Gouda, who had sought court intervention in 2013, was heard on Tuesday.

The single judge bench of Justice Biswanath Rath called it exploitation of services by none other than the establishment of the state. The person who served continuously for 32 years, was entitled to several promotions and is also entitled to different pay scales, he added.

“It is unfair and unseemly of the state to see that its employees, after providing so many services even over three decades of his career, are not granted any protection to survive for the rest of his life and it is clear obstruction by the state to see its employee after providing so many services at least to have a decent life in retirement,” Judge Rath observed.

He ordered the state authorities to treat the petitioner as having retired to the regular establishment at least for retirement benefits, completing the whole exercise within one month. The calculation of the pension must be made within the following 15 days and the arrears must be released in his favor within the following 15 days. The amount must be released to the petitioner within seven days thereafter, with six percent interest throughout, it said.

In the event that the arrears are not released within the stipulated time, the applicant will be entitled to interest at the rate of 10 percent per annum from the date of eligibility.

Maria D. Ervin