No work experience will hold you back in a tech company

TAMPA, l Fla. – There aren’t many companies that will try their luck with potential employees with little or no experience. But, Solution Publishing, a tech startup launched in March, says the benefits outweigh the risks.

Byron Crowell founded Solution Publishing years ago. But, he relaunched the company to be competitive, and he chose Tampa to be his home port.

“We want to build a culture here,” Crowell said. “We’re a start-up environment, so we’re trying to build instead of buying people that we bring in to provide ballast to the business.”

Crowell is originally from Tampa, but has spent the past 20 years working out West, spending time in Silicon Valley and other parts of California before deciding to return home.

“What’s new, in our case, is that we have a fledgling business that we’re sort of putting in very young hands. It’s a confidence factor that I think is a unique success. No one. didn’t do that in a lot, “Crowell said.” We have an internship program, a paid internship program, we’re looking for kids coming out of college and maybe not even finished yet. . We will bring them in and teach them from scratch how to do what we do and invest in them, train them and give them continuing education. “

Crowell only wants the best of the best. And, his process of finding them is not easy. He tells ABC Action News reporter Michael Paluska that a strong CV is essential. But he wants to see their personality. This is why each internship position (which can lead to a full-time job) requires a two-minute video introduction.

“If you take someone’s video interview and take someone’s resume, and put them side by side, there’s clearly no comparison,” said Audra Cona, director of human ressources. “You can have all of the identifying information at the end of your name all day, and you can still be the toughest person to have a conversation with.”

Cona recruited Rohan Kohli as an intern. The 22-year-old USF student will be graduating in the coming months and can’t believe he’s now in a full-time position.

“The opportunity looked so cool,” Kohli said. “All the pressure and the learning and it all piled up; that’s kind of what I was looking for.”

Kohli went from an intern a few weeks ago to a lead generation coordinator.

“They definitely took a chance, a big chance on me,” Kohli said. “A little intimidating, definitely. Thanks for the opportunity. Every day is a new day. Every day is game day here, pretty much. It’s crazy something new is happening. It’s fun, it’s fun, and I love it for sure. “

Crowell is looking to hire two more interns. He launched the new company in March and got up and running. They have one video series and podcast showcasing their office culture. And Crowell says Tampa is the place to be.

“There’s a lot of talent here in Tampa Bay, a lot of great kids are coming out of school. They’re very smart and they’re just looking for a cool place to work,” Crowell said. “For the company, I think you know nothing can be better in terms of the cost of recruiting. I’m not sure we can do this program, this internship program in California, because the nature of the environment is quite different. “

Maria D. Ervin