New research says most workers would prefer the flexibility of remote work to a promotion

Before the pandemic, success at work was still primarily measured by salary and job title, but new research has indicated that may all have changed. But, if pay and promotions aren’t what employees want, what do they want?

The answer came in a new survey from the IT automation vendor Ivanti of 4,510 workers from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Brussels, Spain, Sweden and Australia. In this investigation71% of respondents said they would gladly turn down a promotion in favor of the ability to work anywhere.

This is an overwhelming number of workers who would rather have the opportunity to work anywhere than climb the corporate ladder, and employers would be wise to take this into account in light of the Big resignation. This mass exodus has many reasons, but what it shows is that workers have changed their priorities and success no longer means the same thing to many. For 71% of these workers, success now means having the option to work wherever they want, and the study also found that 24% of workers said they would quit their job if their employer tried to force them to return. in the office full time. .

This does not mean that employers should give up trying to control their workforce. Instead, it simply means taking stock of which positions would really benefit from a return to the office and which can be productively and safely filled while providing the flexibility desired by workers. Also, for employers who think the big quit is over, consider that 28% said they plan to change jobs in the next six months, meaning the fight to retain employees is going nowhere. before some time.

Among the reasons employees said they prefer working remotely are the time savings it provides due to the reduction in commuting to 48%, improved work/life balance and a greater schedule flexibility at 43% each, and increased savings at 40%. Additionally, 51% of respondents said that working remotely also had no negative effects.

So, in order to prevent employees from leaving, before offering them promotions, raises or bonuses, it may be worth considering letting them continue working from home. After all, if they’re doing a good job, why not let them keep doing it?

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Maria D. Ervin