New podcast from the Association of Performing Arts Professionals “ARTS. WORK. LIFE.” — Episode 3

This new podcast features the untold stories of people working in the arts industry and how the past few years have affected them

How has the pandemic, the race toll call and mass resignations impacted your professional life in the performing arts? The Association of Performing Arts Professionals, with the support of the Wallace Foundation, wanted to know. This new podcast, “ART. WORK. LIFE.“welcomes arts workers to tell their own stories.

season 1 episode 3

Artistic workers often walk a tightrope between healthy boundaries and complete exhaustion. But can we achieve balance? Episode 3 tells the stories of professionals assessing physical and mental health risks, promoting work-life balance in the workplace, and finding harmony in the arts, work, and life.

In this episode, silent actor Tony Lopresti (New York, NY) talks about his fear that COVID may not have taken his life, but may have taken his soul; CEO of a performing arts center Rachel Fine (Pasadena, CA) recounts how taking time off for a pregnancy meant taking time off from an unfavorable work environment; singer composer Paige Alyssa (St. Louis, MO) takes us on a journey from who they were to who they have become.

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Maria D. Ervin