Nagaland: NIDA threatens to stop working on retirement age issue

Dimapur, February 5 (EMN): The Nagaland Serving Physicians Association (NIDA) has rejected the state government’s proposal to raise the retirement age for doctors to 60 for administrative positions and 62 for clinical positions.

The decision was taken during an emergency meeting of NIDA’s executive body with district officials and members of the central superannuation committee at the Japfu Hotel in Kohima on Saturday, according to an update. association day.

NIDA decided at the meeting that “all serving doctors will go for mass casual leave followed by total stoppage of work and to the extent of mass resignations” if the state that the government does not implement the written assurance given by the Chief Secretary of the retirement age of doctors, April 17 last year.

He reiterated that his demand to uniformly raise the retirement age to 62 for all doctors, regardless of their clinical or administrative roles, be met.

He claimed that the retirement age proposed by the government will cause problems during implementation and will be counterproductive.

“As the MBBS degree is the required qualification to enter the Nagaland Health Service, all doctors are basically clinicians. Therefore, no practicing physician would retire at age 60 by choice and all would like to continue practicing until age 62 returning to clinical work after age 60. After working in administrative positions for 5-10 years or more without treating patients on a day-to-day basis, these physicians will be forced into clinical positions.

“If all physicians approaching 60 are forced to return to clinical practice to continue practicing, the next lower echelon of physicians who are still active clinicians would be forced to fill the resulting vacant administrative position where they have no previous experience. This would lead to a further shortage of experienced clinicians at health care delivery points, contrary to the main objective of increasing the retirement age,” the statement read. hurry.

Maintaining that there is no clinical position above the level of joint director in district hospitals, NIDA said there will be no equivalent position for doctors willing to return after reaching 60 years at the level of additional director and above”.

“Any senior doctor returning to the hospital at the level of additional director and above will create hierarchical problems in hospitals where the chief has only a level of joint director,” he added.

He added that the government’s proposal was rejected due to the practical problems mentioned.

The association also highlighted the acute shortage of doctors in the state, informing that the total number of MBBS sanctioned doctors is 511, dental surgeons 37 and AYUSH doctors 27.

“The shortage of MBBS doctors is 326, dental surgeons 13 and AYUSHMO 20 for various clinical positions in the existing health units according to IPHS, while 248 additional doctors will be needed for the next two faculties of medicine of Kohima and Mon. It should be noted that in the period since the submission of the first NIDA memorandum in August 2016, at least 42 doctors have retired due to a severe shortage of doctors in the state,” the official said. ‘association.

Maria D. Ervin