Microsoft: Windows 11 to make the hybrid work experience more secure and collaborative with new features

The pandemic has prompted organizations and employees to opt for various ways of working. From 2022, with the reduction of restrictions linked to Covid-19, companies are experimenting with hybrid working methods.

Technology has been a constant support for organizations and millions of professionals around the world. Virtual meetings have become the norm and technology companies are scrambling to offer the best efficient and secure services.

Given the growing importance of hybrid working, tech giant Microsoft has announced a host of new features to improve productivity, security and accessibility in its Windows 11 and Windows 365. These upgrades are aimed improve the hybrid work experience with a focus on management, security, productivity and collaboration.

Among organizations opting for hybrid operations, security is a top concern. There has been an increase in targeted phishing and malware attacks, prompting companies to look for secure alternatives. Microsoft’s latest features will bolster security for businesses that juggle office and home operations.

Microsoft Defender Smart Display

This feature from the tech giant offers enhanced phishing detection. It will alert users when they attempt to enter Microsoft credentials on a malicious website or application.

Smart app control

This tool uses code signing using Microsoft AI templates to prevent insecure apps from running on Windows 11.

Tune-up sessions

This feature aims to build healthy digital habits and help workers with ADHD. It comes with a “do not disturb” feature and a new focus timer.

Voice access

Now users will be able to dictate content instead of typing it, regardless of the presence of an app.

System-wide live captions

With this feature, Windows 11 will generate live captions for audio from any source.

Microsoft is working to bridge the gap between PCs and the cloud for regular users and IT teams, as they can be challenging in a hybrid work environment.

The tech giant will add the Windows Autopatch tool that will ease the pressure on its teams by automating updates for Windows, the Edge browser and Office. New features such as Windows 365 Switch and Windows 365 Boot will likely soon integrate cloud PCs and physical PCs.

Maria D. Ervin