Mass Effect Bioware Developer Says He’s Embracing Remote Working

A screenshot from Mass Effect: Legendary Edition showing a spaceship (possibly the SSV Normandy) taking off into space.

“Since I don’t have to go to the office, I’m flying into space!” “
Screenshot: BioWare

As the ongoing pandemic continues to disrupt life as we know it, especially as the omicron variant fuels an increase in confirmed covid infections, developer BioWare plans to embrace a remote working philosophy.

In one blog post discussing the state of BioWareStudio general manager Gary McKay said the challenges presented by covid-19 have caused the developer to reconsider what the work of his employees looks like. This review has led BioWare to take a hybrid approach to work, which means the studio will give workers more flexibility as to where they live and how often they visit an office.

“Our goal is to focus on the things everyone loves about working from home, while giving people the ability to return to the office with more flexibility,” McKay said. “In the future, we will have new challenges with a hybrid approach to work and we focus on new technologies that will help maximize collaboration and communication between people on site and remotely.”

McKay went on to say that BioWare will no longer require employees to move to its Austin or Edmonton sites. Instead, the studio will begin to “seek out new talent from anywhere in North America” ​​in the future.

BioWare wouldn’t be the first studio to embrace what amounts to a permanent work-from-home option. Back in December 2020, Square Enix has made its own work-from-home accommodation, initially adopted for the pandemic, permanently available to employees. Meanwhile, the Square branch and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Eidos Montreal developer moved to a four day work week in October 2021. Developer Nesting Games, a new studio made up of former Ubisoft employees, also offers full and partial remote working options for its employees. It’s a good thing for the industry and a direction in which all studios should be moving.

To top off the blog post, BioWare did not provide any new details on ongoing development. Dragon age and Mass Effect projects. McKay, however, said he “sees incredible work from both teams.”

Maria D. Ervin