Leila Djansi laments work ethic in Ghanaian film industry

Ghanaian-American director, Leila Djansi, has lamented the unimpressive work ethic of film industry professionals in Ghana.

She shared her experiences with host George Quaye on Joy FM’s Showbiz AZ, in a conversation titled “The GH Film Industry from a Director’s Perspective.”

According to Leila, the challenges she faces when working in Ghana seem to cut across multiple areas, comparing filmmaking to baking. “People don’t understand routine,” she said.

“If I hire an AD (art director) in Ghana, the dude wants to sit down. An AD don’t sit down, you stay up. 5 p.m., you up, when I’m up, you up, when I run, you run,” she hinted.

Leila Djansi also lamented the nonchalant attitude towards work in Ghana, while implying that there is a huge contrast to the work ethic in the Western world. She detailed other challenges, including technical issues, “like the equipment, the terminologies being different and then the learning curve which is sometimes almost non-existent.”

She sounded embarrassed during her submission, to signify that things could get a lot better if people in different areas of work intervened. However, in stark contrast, she humorously said, “other than that, the food makes up for it all.”

Maria D. Ervin