Learn the Basics: How Do Blackjack Tournaments Work?

The game of blackjack remains a favorite of casino enthusiasts and online gamblers. There are several reasons for this: the game is relatively easy to play and does not require many rules to remember. He is also fast, so a hand can be resolved in minutes, giving him an immediate and interesting advantage.

When people think of tournaments, poker usually comes to mind, and many novice players could be forgiven for thinking that there are no major tournaments for blackjack. This assumption, however, is incorrect. The blackjack tournament scene is thriving in physical casinos and online games.

Overview of Blackjack Tournaments

Whether you’re playing in a land-based casino or playing blackjack online at Betfair, playing in a tournament involves slightly different tactics and ways of playing than playing one-on-one with the dealer.

The biggest difference with tournament play is that instead of playing against the dealer like in solo play, you play against other players. Usually, each player is assigned a set number of chips and each round consists of a set number of hands. The player with the most chips at the end of a round advances to the next round. There are several tournament formats, but the most common is an elimination tournament that leaves a winner at the end who wins a cash prize.

Skills Required to Succeed

Basic rules

Knowledge of the basic rules of blackjack is essential to succeed in tournaments. Players need to know the odds and combinations that determine whether to play a hand or stick to their original two cards and when it is advantageous to split their hand or double down.


Because you are competing against other players, always keep a note of their chip count, as discussed at Automatic Poker. This will allow you to make an informed choice on how much to bet and when against your nearest competitor.

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Quick thinking

As you observe the decisions of other players, you will need to be able to calculate the potential outcomes of your opponents’ bet and calculate their potential payoff if they succeed.

betting position

To determine which player receives the first card of the first round from the dealer and by extension who places the first bet is chosen at random before the start of the game. For the next round, the first card is dealt to the next player. It is essential that players determine what their betting position will be for the final hand of a round.

The final hand is the most crucial in blackjack tournaments and if you calculate that you will be in first card position, you must ensure that you bet aggressively enough in the earlier rounds to be in the lead going into the final hand. Receiving the first card of a last hand usually puts the player at a disadvantage because he does not know how much his opponents will bet.

With this basic guide, you have everything you need if you choose to participate in a blackjack tournament.

Maria D. Ervin