Learn how to fit a strong work ethic with Lisa Hocker

A strong work ethic refers to the determination to work hard and dedication to one’s job. Building that sense of value often takes time. Usually, children who have been taught the work ethic by parents from an early age are the ones who are easily able to adapt to different working conditions later in life. This was the case with Lisa Hocker. Lisa’s parents raised her with a strong work ethic in New York City with an older sister. As a result, she developed a deep understanding of the value of time and money.

Lisa moved to California to work as a prosecutor for five and a half years, then as a public defender and private criminal defense attorney for the rest of the time. It was while practicing law that she had the idea of ​​joining a direct sales company. As she initially viewed it as a scam, Lisa hesitantly joined him without leaving her law firm. While working full time in court, she also worked alongside him. During this time, she also had to take care of her four young children who attended three different schools. So Lisa’s life was juggling from one assignment to another.
But that’s where his strong work values ​​came in handy. Lisa defined a simple and efficient system where she could do it all. To handle direct selling, she would only take the actions that ultimately resulted in someone buying her product or joining her team. In the first few months Lisa had honed her daily working methods so well that she was the biggest recruiter and selling the most products in her field. Sensing that those around her were inspired by her rapid progress and increasingly efficient working methods, Lisa came up with the idea of ​​monetizing her intellectual property. With this Lisa began her entrepreneurial journey.

Lisa’s first step in expanding her business was to compile her effective methods and personal experiences into a book. As a result, she wrote and published Direct AF Sales, an ultimate guide to the world of sales. She taught the skills and mistakes she had learned over the years so that others could get the most out of them. The daily system that she provided would help dominate the network marketing profession. Then Lisa invented a “Sales Dice,” which included her five daily steps on five sides of the dice, and the others had other income-generating activities. Finally, she created 14 videos that would only take the user 10-20 minutes, but resulted in tips that could easily scale their business in no time!

Lisa Hocker’s understanding and sense of work ethic helped her start her own business as she eventually closed her law firm to fully focus on her inventions. She plans to write another book and further develop her business, Direct AF Sales, LLC.

Maria D. Ervin