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Liberty University students interned this summer at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Charlotte, NC, where they learned about the complex workings of a nonprofit organization and helped bring the Good News to Jesus Christ to those in need around the world.

Seven Liberty University students spent 10 weeks this summer working as interns for Billy Graham Evangelical Association (BGEA) in Charlotte, NC, where they learned to be successful in their respective fields for the glory of God and with the ultimate goal of spreading the gospel.

Founded by Billy Graham in 1950, the BGEA exists to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ by all effective means and to equip the church and others to do the same.

“I have been an active supporter of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for a very long time, and they do an incredible job of sharing the gospel all over the world and equipping churches and ministries to join them in the advancement of the Kingdom,” said said the president of Liberty. Jerry Prévo. “I am grateful for BGEA’s support to Liberty and our continued partnership. I am proud of our students who worked with their staff this summer and learned so much from these professionals and true servants.

Senior Caleb Smith used his skills as a digital media student to help the BGEA Video Ministry Services team create music videos and short films. Smith said the internship allowed him to further balance his skills to include the many stages of producing video content.

“I’m more (experienced) as an editor, but I was an intern in video production because I wanted to broaden my horizons,” Smith said. “I got the camera working, I got to get the teleprompter working, I got to help with the lighting, I got to do all kinds of things. My big project was to create a training video for a video app called Cinebody that lets you shoot videos from anywhere on your phone as long as you have an internet and / or data connection, and I been responsible for doing so almost 100%. . “

Growing up with a family that frequently watched Billy Graham preach, Smith said he has long enjoyed the work of the BGEA. He saw his time with them this summer as an opportunity to represent Christ, Liberty and BGEA through his work.

“I wanted to apply for an internship with them because I knew they had a Christlike ministry and that’s something I wanted to be a part of,” Smith said. “I want to create while being surrounded by creators who love Christ. I like to say that I want to create for my Creator; I was created by God and I want to create for Him. Not only have I been able to represent my school that I love and Christ through my work, but in some of my work, I have been able to represent BGEA and the work they do.

Kervensky Noel, a senior student in business administration – human resource management, spent the summer in the human resources department of BGEA helping to create training materials used in a new learning management system for new employees, in addition to performing data analysis. These tasks enabled him to engage in his professional interests in business administration, HR and ministry.

“I applied to the internship program because I wanted to marry the business and human resources side with the work of the ministry, and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association had it because everything they do comes from a passion for spreading the gospel, and that’s something I wanted to be a part of, ”Noel said.

Junior Peyton Keller, a student of Christian leadership and church ministries, served in the donor ministry department of BGEA. Two years ago, at a BGEA event in Keller’s hometown of Johnson City, Tenn., She encouraged her to pursue a career in ministry.

“I got to see what BGEA was really doing that night, and from that point on I had a heart for their ministry, and that’s also when I started to want to study in my major, ”Keller said. “This summer I was able to attend a celebration with Will Graham (BGEA Vice President and Associate Evangelist and Liberty Board Vice Chairman) in West Virginia, and I was able to see the other side of a BGEA event like the one I attended. to a few years ago which was so cool to see everything going on in there.

As an organization funded entirely by donations from supporters around the world, BGEA organizes several events to both garner support and show gratitude to its donors. Keller said she helped plan events for the next few months.

“I have had a heart for ministry for some time and it only grew this summer as a result of this internship,” she said. “I learned a lot about the amount of work involved in planning and organizing an event, and I also saw the high level of work at BGEA. “

Interns also had the added benefit of serving alongside staff members who inspired them to grow in their faith and integrate it into their future careers.

“I knew I was going to be professionally grown here, but more than that, I was blessed to be touched spiritually,” Noel said. “The people here are super skilled and knowledgeable in what they do, and they all have one thing in common: they all have humility rooted in their relationship and walk with the Lord.”

Keller also attested to this, explaining that those she worked with demonstrated a “great balance between excellence and humility.”

“These are the nicest people you have ever met, they absolutely love the Lord and they only strive to serve him,” Keller said.

Liberty and her students have partnered with the BGEA on several occasions, including the Washington, DC prayer walk in September 2020, in which more than 2,200 students prayed with thousands of believers for the future of America.

Maria D. Ervin