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TORONTO, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global design and technology company, IBI Group Inc. (TSX: IBG) (“IBI” or the “Company”), was recently awarded a new contract at the statewide and a contract extension with the Florida Department of Transportation for its Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) portfolio. The contracts are expected to improve the state’s ability to manage transportation networks and improve traveler safety and ease of travel. Continuing work with the Florida Department of Transportation will allow IBI to strengthen its working relationship and offer enhanced, smart solutions based on a track record of practical knowledge.

IBI’s new contract with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) includes the design, development, maintenance and support of FDOT’s Next Generation Statewide Express Lanes (NG-SELS) software. This software will work in conjunction with the Department’s existing SunGuide software and will be used by six Regional Transportation Management Centers to operate and manage the Department’s Express Lanes facilities, including I-95 Express, I-595 Express, I-75 Express , Palmetto Express, I-295 Express; I-4 Express, Beachline Expressway and Veterans Expressway. NG-SELS software will dynamically calculate toll prices based on real-time traffic conditions measured at each express lane facility and control the various electronic toll prices and lane status signs in each facility to maximize the traffic flow.

The FDOT also awarded IBI a four-year contract extension for Florida’s Video Data Integration and Aggregation System (DIVAS), comprised of IBI’s Intelligent Video Distribution System (iVDS) platform, which aggregates and broadcasts live video from the Department’s 4,000 traffic cameras. IBI will also provide a custom Data Fusion System (DFS), which ingests real-time data from the state’s eleven traffic management centers and various external data sources, to provide standardized information products to parties. internal and external stakeholders and partner agencies. The expansion includes the implementation of an additional system, providing enhanced resiliency and disaster recovery capabilities.

“We have worked with FDOT to enable operational efficiencies across their entire traffic management system by leveraging technology to create an efficient traveler experience,” said IBI Group CEO Scott Stewart. “Our extended and new contract gives our experts the ability to deploy our advanced traffic management systems solutions, improving the roads their communities rely on.”

IBI’s continued work with the FDOT demonstrates its growing presence in the US transportation market. In addition to its new and extended contracts with the FDOT, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) awarded IBI a five-year contract extension for its inSIGHT ATMS operations and maintenance support. IBI will deliver platform enhancements including seamless integration with emergency management services, integration with PTC vehicle fleet management tracking systems, and automate road safety messaging based on traffic incidents and real-time weather. The updates are expected to support PTC’s transportation network management while optimizing workflows. The software is designed to enable rapid and comprehensive responses to transportation-impacting events, so that operations personnel can focus on high-value activities.

“Our past and current work with the FDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is focused on improving traveler safety and improving mobility in their transportation systems. Now we can continue to develop new and improved functionality to meet their ever-changing business needs based on a history of practical knowledge,” said James Barbosa, Director, Head of US Solutions, Intelligence.

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On July 18, Arcadis and IBI Group jointly announced that they had reached an agreement to combine their activities. The official closing of the acquisition is expected to take place this fall. Read the announcement here.

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