Yuri Gerasimovfirst deputy general manager of KAMAZ PTC – The Executive Director, met with the staff of the truck assembly plant and spoke about the measures taken to maintain stable production under new conditions and the first results.

Gerasimov informed that other suppliers of components required for the currently popular K3 KAMAZ trucks had been found, that they were ready to meet the needs of the automaker and that a roadmap for the rehabilitation of the production of the vehicles of the last generation K5 was almost elaborate. Difficulties with foreign partners contributed to additional loads from KAMAZ’s own facilities, and its subsidiaries in other regions also received orders.

A program of rapid return to the assembly of K5 trucks at KAMAZ was formed in general terms. The development department is currently working on the details of this process. During a short period of work under sanctions, the management of KAMAZ defined a workload for the factories in the process chain and sketched out the prospects for the subsidiaries.

Yuri Gerasimov recalled that the K4 range, which was to be replaced by K5 vehicles anyway according to a strategic plan, had been withdrawn from production earlier, yielding to circumstances. Now the focus is on localizing the latest generation and its flagship model – the KAMAZ-54901 truck tractor.

‘We have already set the date for the return to production of the K5, our program is to be approved by the general manager,’ explained the executive director of KAMAZ. “We understand very well how to relatively quickly restart the assembly of KAMAZ-54901 trucks that enjoy popularity in the domestic market.”

Assembly of K5 vehicles continues in March, there is a plan for April, but it’s not that big, as it’s limited with component stores. The share of vehicles of the older generation K3 corresponds to a quarterly calculation. The March order is fully formed and, by the way, the contracts for international trade company even exceeded the business plan. KAMAZ Commercial and financial company focused on the domestic market sees a slight drop in sales following a lower assembly rate: a task for the near future has been set in front of staff to assemble 180 vehicles per day.

Yuri Gerasimov also noted that as the load on the main conveyor decreased, orders for own-brand components increased. The spare parts and components plant has tripled the production volume of its own gearboxes – KPP-154 will go to K3 KAMAZ trucks. The volume of forgings for these gearboxes will increase proportionally to the forge factory. “In December, the spare parts plant produced 1.4 thousand KPP-154 gearboxes, in February 1.2 thousand, but this month the order increased to 2.7 thousand gearboxes, of which 2.3 thousand will go to the conveyor,” Gerasimov said. “In April, the production plan will increase again, almost tripled.”

Suppliers have been identified for the production of K3 vehicles conforming to 5 euros, and they already master the product line. KAMAZ subsidiaries are also supplied with orders. “The Russian market will shrink under the effect of European sanctions, but the whole will be ours”, underlined Yuri Gerasimov.

Kirill Puzyrkov, chairman of the KAMAZ trade union committee, another speaker at the meeting, noted that staff retention was an issue of equal importance to the company. The speaker cited as an example the actions of foreign investors forced to suspend their activities in Russia today: closing their points of sale, some well-known companies continue to pay salaries to their employees. “Their solutions mean that these companies intend to return to our market. In order to recover quickly, they should maintain their workforce. KAMAZ has always done the same, and even at a lower rate from the main carrier, the wage rate will remain at the same level, ”assured Puzyrkov.

“Obviously some staff turnover will be necessary – given the fact that, for example, the assembly of K4 trucks is being phased out and the share of K3 is increasing, but we need all the experts,” said confirmed the union. words of leaders Yuri Gerasimov

Maria D. Ervin