Housing Minister Responds to Rumors of Warraq Island Development Works

Assem El Gazzar, Minister of Housing referred to the allegations raised regarding the island of El-Warraq, which have been repeated almost periodically, since the start of the implementation of the development works of the island, which s included in the state plan for rural areas.

The Housing Minister explained that the Nile Islands are considered nature reserves, and the area of ​​the block built inside the island in 1996 was only 60 feddans, and the rest of the area was of agricultural land, and in ten years the construction -up mass has increased, becoming 150 feddans, and in 2019 it has reached 400 feddans, which reflects the scale of unplanned urban growth, deteriorating the natural environment of the bed of River.

The housing minister said, “Imagine 400 feddans of buildings without sewage services, and the matter eventually empties into the Nile”, referring to the scale of environmental degradation resulting from these actions , pointing out that this required state intervention. quickly to deal with such actions. matter, as part of its plan for the development of areas of imminent danger.

The Minister of Housing explained that the area of ​​the island reaches 1295 feddans and the number of houses there reaches 5956 dwellings, highlighting the state plan to develop the island, which began with the implementation of the consensual transaction policy.

He pointed out that under the consensual purchase policy, the state is buying one feddans in Warraq Island for EGP 6 million, noting that what has been purchased so far has reached 888.6 feddans, which represents 71% of the area of ​​the island. at a cost of EGP 5 billion, which was spent directly by the owners of these lands, revealing the alternatives offered by the state.

“The state provides agricultural land for those who wish to obtain land outside the island, where one feddans inside the island in exchange for 19 feddans outside, in Sadat City. Citizens have the opportunity to take care of the consensual purchase or be compensated with agricultural land in Sadat, noting that some residents have already applied to obtain such land.

Maria D. Ervin