Hartshead Resources NL advances work on gas fields in the Southern Gas Basin on the UK Continental Shelf

Historically-matched models are used to forecast gas flow and production from new wells planned on the fields.

Hartshead Resources NL (ASX:HHR) continues to operate on the Seaward P2607 license in the Southern Gas Basin on the UK Continental Shelf.

The license covers several gas fields, some of which have only been partially developed.

Reservoir geological modeling for the Anning and Somerville fields was performed by Xodus Group.

The group calculated a total Phase 1 gas initially in place (GIIP) volume of 587 billion cubic feet, an overall increase of 18% over Hartshead’s valuable estimate of 496 billion cubic feet.

Anning and Somerville fields

Anning’s and Somerville’s dynamic reservoir models have historically been matched to previous field production and pressure profiles.

These historically matched models can now be used in prediction mode to predict gas flow and production from planned new wells on fields and are used to optimize fracturing design and well placement.

A number of work streams are underway under Phase 1, including a comprehensive health, safety and environmental (HSE) study of the shortlisted development options, an emissions study to generate the field lifetime – construction, installation, operation and decommissioning – carbon equivalent emissions for each of the new installation options and the gas extraction routes.

Hartshead is also advancing pipeline routing options and cost analysis of two potential routes.

Work’s extent

The company also plans to provide a high-level summary of the scope of work and capital expenditure estimate for the required host modifications applicable to the six connection options from the single pipeline inlet to the infrastructure.

These work streams will provide a final input to the report that will be submitted to the Oil and Gas Authority.

Hartshead is continuing negotiations with owners of gas transmission and processing infrastructure near the Phase 1 development area.

Discussions with these infrastructure owners are continuing with a view to receiving Indicative Commercial Terms (ICT) and initiating engineering feasibility studies for the connection of the Hartshead facilities and gas offtake in the near future.

Phase 2 Hodgkin and Lovelace Fields

The Hodgkin and Lovelace fields are the Phase 2 target. They lie in the northwest portion of the P2607 license and are estimated to contain a combined total of 1,391 billion cubic feet of contingent 2C resources.

Phase 2 subsurface work, including a new geological and geophysical database, detailed interpretation of new 3D seismic data and petrophysical analysis, is nearing completion.

Next steps include a volumetric gas-in-place calculation, new production forecasts for the Hodgkin and Lovelace gas fields and revised recoverable resource estimates.

Following the completion of these final strands of work, the company hopes to make a decision to proceed with field development planning for both fields.


Service providers were invited to bid for:

  • A phase 1 concept Select peer review to assess workflows; and
  • ESG strategy and reporting to enable the measurement and audit of emissions.

The company is in the process of evaluating the offers it has received in order to select the most qualified service company for this work.

Maria D. Ervin