Future of Work Startup Virtual Internships Reshapes Work Experience by Securing Fundraising

Virtual Internships is redefining internships for the 21st century workforce, reflecting the future of work. Surge from Sequoia Capital India is supporting the startup as they are ready to scale.

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Virtual internships today announced a $ 2.5 million fundraiser led by Sequoia Capital India’s Surge with participation from 500 startups, iSeed, Arc Impact and Hustle Fund. EdTech Company offers global work experience programs in 18 career areas, helping young people to start their careers and prepare for the future of work in a digital world without borders.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers finds that internships increase a student’s chances of getting a job offer faster by about 16%. However, in recent times, it has been difficult for students to pursue their dream internship due to COVID-19 restrictions expanding geographic boundaries.

Virtual internships: preparing young people for the future of work

Virtual Internships removes these barriers by incorporating technology and best practices from the remote working world, to improve the internship experience for all stakeholders, including students, universities and businesses. The platform includes international internships set up directly with a host company, accredited online career preparation training and access to a global network of young professionals.

The program has seen student enrollments grow exponentially, with 100 students participating in 2019, rising to 1,700 in 2020 and over 6,000 expected to attend in 2021. Today there are over 4,000 companies in the program. hosting in 70 countries, and more than 100 universities and educational institutions around the world.

Virtual internships aim to broaden participation and provide access to jobs for students of all origins and nationalities. At the same time, it helps companies build a global talent pool and a network of young professionals.

“Digitization has completely accelerated the way we work with people around the world and internships should reflect this model. With a focus on accessibility, diversity and clear learning outcomes, we have redesigned the internship experience for a new virtual and borderless world ”, said Daniel Nivern, CEO and co-founder of Virtual Internships.

Co-founders of Virtual Internships: Daniel Nivern and Ed Holroyd Pearce

Co-founders of Virtual Internships: Daniel Nivern and Ed Holroyd Pearce

Students can either pay for the program directly or a school can pay on their behalf for a guaranteed internship with participating host companies, including the online program and optional academic credit. 85% of current income from its virtual internships comes from universities, governments and foundations.

The entire internship application, selection, approval and acceptance process is done through the Virtual Internships platform. Employers have access to video and CV selection tools, internship project templates, job placement assistance, and remote team management content. The platform also enables cohort meetups, coaching, professional training modules, supervisor feedback, and accreditations (including US college credits).

“Virtual internships were a great opportunity for me to learn new skills that were imperative for an aspiring graduate. Being able to develop self-confidence, gain hands-on experience in my chosen career field, network and receive feedback for personal development was wonderful, ”said Jennifer Sharon, a student at Northumbria University.

Virtual Internships was founded by Daniel Nivern and Edward Holroyd Pearce, graduates of Oxford and Cambridge, who have a combined experience of over 15 years in this space. The couple met while doing a Masters in International and Mandarin Management in London, and went on to found the world’s leading provider of in-person internship programs in Asia, before launching the more accessible and more accessible virtual internship model. technological.

Virtual Internships is part of Sequoia Capital India’s Surge’s fifth cohort of 23 companies that have developed new digital solutions to help businesses and individuals live, work and learn better in a rapidly changing Southeast Asian landscape. .

About virtual internships

Virtual Internships is an education technology company that aims to rethink internships for the 21st century workforce, reflecting the future of work. Virtual Internships works with universities, governments, foundations, K-12 schools, and businesses to provide their students, graduates or employees with an employability program that incorporates development courses, mentor coaching and an internship. remote work guaranteed. Virtual Internships has been honored with the winners of the Mass Challenge 2020, ranked among the top 20 EdTech start-ups ready to meet the needs of the education sector (Jisc and Emerge Education), and ranked among the top 100 EdTech companies in Europe by Holon IQ. It operates in 15 countries with a team of over 100 employees.

About overvoltage

Surge is Sequoia Capital India’s rapid scale-up program for startups in India and Southeast Asia. Surge combines $ 1 million to $ 2 million in seed capital with start-up workshops, a global program, and the support of a community of exceptional mentors and founders. The goal of the program is to energize start-ups and give founders an unfair advantage from the start. For more information on Surge, visit www.surgeahead.com.

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