Employees quit en masse after new management ends work-from-home policy

  • A Twitter post went viral after a young man recounted an incident at his workplace
  • In the post, he said his work from home got new management who don’t believe in working from home and are asking them to work on site
  • The young man said many of his colleagues quit after the new directive.

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A young man recounted an incident at his workplace that surprised him.

He said the new management at his workplace had given a directive that they were no longer going to work from home as they did not believe working from home was effective.

Photo: Big boss and disgruntled disgruntled employee Source: John Giustina, Hill Street Studios
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He added that he had been surprised by the number of resignation letters sent by his colleagues unhappy with the new working format.

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Citizens on social media were also unhappy with the behavior of the new bosses when reacting to the post.

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Sav felt there was a bigger scheme behind the directive:

He probably did it all on purpose to attract his own staff.

Chelsea FC Skye was also not happy with the reported development as they said:

So many executives have a strange obsession with thinking that employees want to be with their colleagues and need to be kept.

KIE7Y was satisfied with the position of the employees:

Love this man, if the job can be done remotely and it’s in the employee’s interest to do it, it should be done. Travel costs to London alone should be enough to avoid going to work

DanielRegha disagreed with the general consensus as he gave a contrasting opinion:

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Working from home affects the productivity level of employees, many people who work from home barely concentrate on their tasks as they are easily distracted, which promotes laziness in the long run and leads to under-productivity; It is not recommended because the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

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In other news, YEN.com.gh previously published an article on working from home in Ghana. These days, having a job doesn’t mean working endless hours a week.

Individuals and even businesses are now turning to working from home or online. In Ghana, most white collar jobs only require you to have internet access.

You don’t need to show up at an office when you can just email, video conference or chat with your client at a remote location in Accra.

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