CRSM still hard at work cleaning up Mentakab

KUANTAN: The Crisis Relief Squad of MCA (CRSM) is still hard at work in Mentakab, cleaning up after what some say is the worst flood to hit the area since 1971.

Pahang MCA Youth chief Wong Tze Shiang said CRSM volunteer firefighters from Johor had been helping out tirelessly with clean-up works after floodwaters receded in the town area.

“They have been here for four days (as of Tuesday). From experience, it normally takes two weeks to settle everything but this time, it may take longer.

“There is still a lot to clean,” said Wong, who is leading MCA’s flood relief efforts in Mentakab.

He said the CRSM volunteers were currently focused on cleaning up SMJK Hwa Lian, which was severely flooded and saw many of its facilities damaged.

Wong said there was also the problem of disposing of the mass of garbage and discarded furniture since the nearest landfill was in Bera.

“Some of them do not understand that we need to start somewhere to make this a comfortable living environment again. We have to clear the roads and clean it up first.

“It is a temporary solution. Otherwise, the whole area will still look like a disaster zone, ”said Wong.

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong said recently that the Ayer Hitam CRSM volunteer firefighting team also went to Mentakab to provide assistance in flood clean-up work.

Dr Wee said when Ayer Hitam was hit with bad floods previously, many volunteers throughout the country came to help them and now it was their turn to go out and lend a helping hand.

Wong said most residents in the town area had returned to their homes while many in the outskirts and from the villages were still in relief centers.

“For me, this is the worst flood to hit Mentakab.

“I was not born then but some of our elders say this is the second worst flood after the one in 1971 while there are others who say this is the worst in its history,” he said.

Maria D. Ervin