Chicago divorce attorney Russell Knight explains how child support works in Illinois

Chicago divorce attorney Russell Knight publishes a new article ( that explains how child support works in the ‘Illinois. The attorney mentions that the State of Illinois implemented changes to how child support obligations will be calculated beginning July 1, 2017. While there was a formula that used a direct percentage for calculate income, it will be replaced by a method that incorporates both the income of the non-custodial parent and the custodial parent.

According to the Chicago divorce attorney, “To calculate child support under the new law, courts now require both parents to disclose their gross monthly incomes by completing a financial affidavit and providing copies of recent pay stubs.After these initial disclosures, gross income amounts are converted to “standardized net income” amounts, determined by a standardized table published by the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services.

The lawyer explains that to calculate the “combined net income”, these standardized net amounts for both parents must be added together. This figure will represent the combined total income of both parents. After that, the next step is to refer to another document published by the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services called “Income Shares Schedule”.

Attorney Knight further explains that the “combined net income” is taken and matched accordingly with the appropriate figure on the graph. This figure will be used to determine the final amount that the parties will have to contribute for the minor child.

In the article, attorney Russell Knight explains that, for example, if the plaintiff earns $75,000 a year and the defendant earns $25,000 a year, that would mean the plaintiff would earn 75% of the combined net income and that the defendant would earn 25% of the combined net income.

Also, the divorce attorney says the last step is to take the amount from the income share chart and the combined net income percentage. The debtor must pay the percentage of the total income of the table of income shares equal to its percentage on the combined net income. So, if the applicant earns 75%, he will have to pay 75% of the combined net income.

Finally, lawyer Russell Knight stresses that it is very important to seek the help of an experienced lawyer when dealing with matters such as child support. Having a qualified attorney can help guide the client on the next steps.

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