Check out the highest paying jobs in the US without work experience, Trending News

According to a study, plumbers, fitness trainers and insurance agents are professionals who do not need work experience to earn money.

The study by Interview guys, a job and career interview website, found hobbies and fitness trainers earned $66,290 as the median annual income in the United States, followed by plumbers. Steam fitters and fitters reportedly earned $56,330 per year.

It was followed by commercial insurance, heating and air conditioning agents mechanicalroad maintainers and furnace operators.

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The list also included hairstylists who reportedly earned $27,380 in average annual income and Housekeeping cleaners who earned $26,220 a year.

Professional therapists were ranked in the list of top 10 earners with little work experience. They reportedly earned $86,280 in average earnings per year, followed by audiologists who earned $81,030.

Nuclear medicine technologists would have earned $79,590 a year in average earnings, followed by dental hygienists, police officers, high school teachers and firefighters.

The research is important because millions of people around the world lost their jobs during the pandemic and working from home has become the norm for many workers in all sectors of the world.

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Maria D. Ervin